The restaurant, which moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan in 2016. Photo: Mark Abramson

Last week, Insider revealed the news that chef César Ramirez had left Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare — the tasting counter he’d helmed since it opened in 2010, and almost certainly the only three-Michelin-starred restaurant to have gotten its start connected to a grocery store on Schermerhorn Street — after a falling out with owner Moe Issa. According to that earlier report, the two are locked in a legal fight, with each alleging that the other man is in the wrong. In the meantime, the restaurant has remained closed since July, when it was quietly shuttered with no notice (including to the diners who reportedly showed up to find a locked door).

Now, according to a press release, Issa has found Ramirez’s successor. Or rather, successors. (Will they change the name to Chefs’ Table?) Starting in October, Max Natmessnig and Marco Prins will take over as co-chefs. Natmessnig comes from Munich, where he was executive chef at two-Michelin-starred Restaurant Alois; Prins worked in the Netherlands and at Restaurant Ukiyo in the East Village. Both cooked previously at Chef’s Table, working under Ramirez. They plan to keep the 13-course format, but it sounds like they want to help everyone relax: They told the Times they want to create a “more positive” atmosphere. The restaurant reopens on October 4 and reservations can be made — somewhat surprisingly! — on OpenTable.