Candle lighting is the best choice of lighting for these. Of course fire has been around since the birth of man and offers a gentle and relaxing atmosphere when used as lighting. Candles are also probably the most economical decorative items out there,you can use sconces to house your candles and they look great to dress up your walls.The soothing effect it offers is highly recommended for spiritual activities and meditation. Lighting a candle is one of the easiest ways to reduce stress and take a hiatus from our hectic schedules.

Decorative candles come in various shapes and sizes,many styles can create a vintage look to your house and they are the best to display paintings and art pieces. Aromatic or scented candles are a paradise for your senses,your living rooms can be lit with these aromatic candles as they are are beautiful decorative items. There are specific scents that you would like to choose for specific occasions. For activities like meditation where focus and concentration are needed, an appropriate scent would be citrus whereas lavender would be a better choice for candle light dinner as they have a calming effect. Lighting of candles has been a practice for ceremonies, rituals, celebrations and purposes of healing. Candles bring a new hope to life as their flame symbolizes the human spirit.

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