Ube Pastry and Drink Shop Café 86 Adds Three New Stores to California

The company has seen explosive growth throughout 2023 and expects the momentum to continue into the new year.

Ube Pastry and Drink Shop Café 86 Adds Three New Stores to CaliforniaVallejo, CA  (RestaurantNews.com)  Speciality dessert fans have something to look forward to this month — Café 86 has signed three new locations for California. The ube-focused fast-casual shop, known for out-of-this-world desserts such as its delicious Ube Leche Flan Cupcake, Halo Halo Bread Pudding, and Ube Truffles, will bring stores to Vallejo, San Jose, and Anaheim in 2024.

The new fast-casual eatery has been expanding quickly since it launched its franchise opportunity in the spring. The new store in San Jose is owned by Mark Nguyen. A second store was purchased by existing franchise partners Maria Linsangan and Joshua Francisco, some of the brand’s very first franchisees, who also signed for a territory in Elk Grove in July. They will be opening their new location in Vallejo. The third Cafe 86 to be added to the blooming network will be in Anaheim, owned by Janina Lucero.

“Café 86 offers something extremely special to not just our customers, but to our franchisees. We are a close-knit group of people, all working towards making Café 86 better and better,” stated James Dimapasok, co-founder of Café 86. “The efficiency of our model, the popularity of our concept, and the success of our brand are all evident in the speed of our growth this year and in seeing our Elk Grove franchisees pursue a second location. We are honored to have each of our franchisees aboard.”

The company works to create artisan desserts and drinks using ube, a root vegetable traditionally found in Filipino cooking. The magic that has been produced in this pursuit has caught the eye of thousands across social media and throughout the nearly 30 Café 86 locations. The company has even landed itself on Hulu’s Taste the Nation.

“We give our franchise partners exclusive recipes that both show and taste amazing. They are also gaining our entire operational package that works wonderfully, our ongoing support, and the brand image that we have worked hard to build,” stated Ginger Dimapasok, who founded the brand in 2014 with James Dimapasok. “Café 86 is a beautiful thing and we are looking forward to making even more impact on the market next year.”

To find out more about how to own a Café 86 franchise, visit www.cafe-86franchise.com.

Ube Pastry and Drink Shop Café 86 Adds Three New Stores to California

About Café 86

Award-winning recipes lead the charge for ube-centric sweet stop, Café 86. Founded in 2014 in Chino, California, Café 86 is proud to offer a delicious menu of fan favorites including its milkshakes, milk tea, truffles, cupcakes, cheesecakes, espresso drinks, and more. Café 86 has been featured on Hulu’s Taste the Nation and recognized by Food Network, Good Morning America, The New York Times, Yahoo News and other prominent outlets. To learn more about Café 86, visit www.cafe-86.com. Franchise information can be found at www.cafe-86franchise.com.

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