Fine diners offer a rare experience: the chance to sample food in the form of art from masters of their craft. At every level, from the fitout to the service to the little surprise extras – an amuse bouche here, a bonbon there, perhaps a finger bowl for good measure – these restaurants know how to up the ante. 

That’s not to say that every one of our nominees offers traditional silver service or multi-course degustations. Some flex their talents in the wine cellar, others offer mastery over the elements, and some prove that the most elite eating can be produced from the stuff other chefs chuck in the bin. However, what all ten of our nominees share in common is a commitment to culinary excellence that is truly world-class. 

Some of these restaurants you’ll visit just once a year. Others, perhaps once a lifetime. But the brilliant chefs at the helms of these venues are turning out their remarkable menus week in and week out, hitting the gastronomic bullseye with each and every plate. And for that, we are truly thankful.

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