For a certain subset of food lovers who also appreciate tact, kindness, and extremely British people, next Friday will possibly be the highlight of their year. Because next Friday, August 30, The Great British Baking Show returns to Netflix for series 10 (or collection 7 here in the U.S.).

But hopefully you’re sitting down, because there’s been a major development: For the first time ever, episodes will stream week-to-week, with new episodes arriving on Netflix three days after they air in the United Kingdom. In other words, we’ll be able to watch The Great British Baking Show in real-ish time instead of binging over the weekend.

It’s always been relatively easy to avoid GBBS spoilers here in the States — basically, don’t Google the show until you’re done with the season. But now we all run the risk of having a random co-worker spoil the latest episode at the watercooler, which is, frankly, alarming. Our advice: When discussing new episodes this fall, try to be as considerate and understanding as Howard was when Deborah accidentally stole his custard and avoid dropping spoilers.