Pita Pit Unveils Fresh & Flavorful Company Rebrand, Redefines Fast-Food Dining Experience

Esteemed Fast-Casual Poised to Become the World’s First Quick, Affordable Mediterranean Concept

Pita Pit Unveils Fresh & Flavorful Company Rebrand, Redefines Fast-Food Dining ExperienceCoeur d’Alene, ID  (RestaurantNews.comPita Pit, a distinguished Mediterranean fast-casual brand specializing in made-to-order pita sandwiches, announced today the rollout of its nationwide brand refresh. The aim of the refresh being to restore its former cult-following and reposition the franchise as the world’s first Mediterranean fast-food concept by introducing new features, such as a modernized restaurant design and drive-thru business model, reimagined menu, technological upgrades, and a new logo.

Pita Pit’s rebrand is a key component in the company’s growth strategy. Pita Pit is currently seeking both single-unit and multi-unit franchisees who possess a strong passion for the brand and its renewed commitment to constantly innovate and evolve with the everchanging restaurant industry. The new drive-thru model allows franchise partners more real estate options, as the smaller footprint of about 800-1000 square feet can flex to fit into a variety of layouts that fit the needs of any given area. This smaller option, created to accommodate more delivery and pick-up orders, will also reduce the breadth of franchisees financial commitments.

“As we embark on this exciting journey of transformation, we are attuned to the evolving needs of our consumers,” said Peter Riggs, CEO of Pita Pit. “Today, more than ever, there is a demand for fast, convenient, and health-conscious food options. Our rebrand reflects an unwavering commitment to meeting these demands head-on, offering not only delicious pitas, but a fast-food experience that aligns seamlessly with modern lifestyles.”

As part of the brand’s mission to meet the growing consumer demand for more health-conscious sandwiches that boast richer flavors and more complimentary ingredients, Pita Pit has introduced a new menu item – The Greek Grilled Cheese. This new addition reflects Pita Pit’s dedication to evolving its menu to exceed customers’ expectations, while staying true to its Mediterranean roots. With its bold flavors and diverse options, ranging from classic Say Cheese to Mediterranean Athens Steak, the Greek Grilled Cheese perfectly encapsulates the essence of Pita Pit’s culinary philosophy: fresh, flavorful, and inspired by the vibrant spirit of the Mediterranean.

Pita Pit is also rolling out a full technological transformation. The brand is adopting the power of AI to create new brand assets, while also providing franchisees with cutting-edge technology solutions for streamlined operations. This includes tailored point-of-sale systems and comprehensive training to optimize efficiency and customer service. Meanwhile, for consumers, the Pita Pit app simplifies ordering, offering customization options, straightforward payment, and order tracking for a seamless experience, whether dining in or getting delivery.

Pita Pit currently has 75 locations across the US, including locations in Hawaii and Alaska. With its new approach, Pita Pit is focused on strengthening the brand across the country, and is actively looking to grow its footprint in existing markets such as Denver, CO, Boise, ID, and Salt Lake City, UT. For additional information about franchising with Pita Pit, visit PitaPitUSA.com/franchising.

About Pita Pit

Founded on the principles of quality ingredients, convenience, and flavor innovation, Pita Pit is a Mediterranean fast-food brand specializing in made-to-order pita sandwiches, providing a satisfying and wholesome dining experience for individuals seeking a quick and nutritious meal on the go. Headquartered in Coeur d’Alene, ID, Pita Pit currently has 75 locations across the country, including locations in Hawaii and Alaska. Customers can also download the Pita Pit Rewards app for iOS and Android, where they can earn and redeem rewards. For more information, visit PitaPitUSA.com or follow Pita Pit on Instagram @PitaPitUSA.

Conner Gossel
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