Bloomberg, at today’s ribbon-cutting for the Perelman Performing Arts Center. Photo: BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP via Getty Images

It’s a common complaint among New York diners: Restaurants are loud. Very loud! Too loud! But for former mayor Michael Bloomberg, that loudness is — at least at the moment — a welcome, comforting sound. “I was just at a restaurant last night. You couldn’t hear, the noise was so loud,” he said while speaking at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Ronald Perelman Performing Arts Center. The context for the comments: Bloomberg was praising current Mayor Eric Adams for his work “championing arts and culture,” and added that he has “never been more optimistic” about the city’s future or its energy: “People were standing, literally, looking down at my dinner. I thought they were gonna reach down and grab it off the table.” Again, this is a good thing, in the eyes of the former mayor.

The opening of the center — which will host performances starting on September 15, as well as a restaurant from Marcus Samuelsson in its lobby — is something of a personal triumph for the former mayor, who donated $130 million for its construction.

But back to the subject of this noisy restaurant. Where was all this great, reassuring noise? During his speech, Bloomberg had left the establishment unnamed, but when pressed after the event, he let us know: Elio’s, the uptown Italian clubhouse that has a history as a gathering spot for politicians. In fact, the restaurant has been known to be a bit too accommodating at times.