Loyal Patron and Waitbusters Announce Partnership to Bring Restaurants a Unified Loyalty Solution for Online Orders, Pickup and Dining In

“Businesses will have one central database they can send marketing campaigns to automatically.” Chaun McLellan, Loyal Patron VP of Sales and Marketing

Langhorne, PA; Reston, VA; & Vancouver, BC  (RestaurantNews.com)  Loyal Patron and Waitbusters, LLC are excited to announce their strategic partnership, taking Loyal Patron’s innovative list building and customer rewards programs, and combining it with Waitbusters’ ability to drive online ordering. The integration makes it easy for business owners in the restaurant industry to accumulate a marketing list of data they own and run both their online and dine-in loyalty program from one central database.

Business owners who use Waitbusters’ for waitlist management, reservations, and/or online ordering can automatically advertise invitations for customers to join that restaurant’s loyalty list managed by Loyal Patron. The result is a rapid acceleration of a restaurant’s loyalty list growing organically, accurately and automatically. The marketing data is then added to a robust marketing suite designed to turbocharge repeat and referral sales.

With customer loyalty through recurring visits, and online ordering and sales a basis for a thriving business, restaurant industry owners are searching for simple one-stop solutions to handle all of their customer relationship needs. This partnership combines Loyal Patron’s unique Stored Value Programs such as eGift, Gift Cards, and Loyalty/Rewards, and marketing tools, like Surveys, Guest Wi-Fi, and Mobile Text Messaging, with Waitbusters’ progressive features, namely Online Ordering Support, Wait line Management, and Reservations Management. The objective is to make customer handling and information collection easy and drive future sales to the restaurant, making sure those customers return, again and again.

“As we emerge from Covid, we see trends where customers increasingly want the ability to earn and redeem rewards from the same loyalty balance no matter how they place their orders, whether it be take out, dine in or online.” adds Adam Miller, CEO of Loyal Patron, “With the Waitbusters’ partnership, we can deliver a unified loyalty experience while simultaneously helping operators grow their marketing lists, and increase repeat and referral business.”

“Savvy restaurant operators want to own their customer data and have access to it on demand.” Shane Gau, Chief Product Officer for Waitbusters says, “The Loyal Patron integration gives our clients a more diverse marketing system that builds customer lists, and increases sales both inside and outside the online ordering channel. It’s a WIN-WIN for our clients.”

Loyal Patron and Waitbusters are dedicated to ensuring restaurants have a single system service to enhance customer experience through programs that allow customers to redeem rewards both online and offline while allowing the business itself to keep all of its customer data in one spot for future marketing and promotional offers.

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Chaun McLellan
VP of Sales and Marketing Loyal Patron, LLC
T: 800-978-1338 x1

Shane Gau
Chief Product Officer Waitbusters Dining
T: 571-213-6147

About Loyal Patron

Loyal Patron LLC is a provider of robust loyalty and rewards solutions that helps operators build an accurate customer list and connect with customers to generate constant frequency. Their solutions increase sales and profitability, track guest feedback, and retain happy customers.

Loyal Patron provides all of the following services inside one ecosystem:

  • Gift Card (Swipe) & eGift Card Service
  • Loyalty & Rewards Programs
  • Marketing Automation
  • Mobile Text Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Wi-Fi List Building and Marketing
  • Guest Survey Collection and Insights
  • Membership Subscriptions (VIP, Platinum, )

To Learn More About Loyal Patron:

Email sales@loyalpatron.com to schedule a demo, or check out www.loyalpatron.com.

About Waitbusters

Waitbusters, LLC is committed to helping restaurants reduce costs and enhance customer experience. Their products increase revenue and streamline everyday operations, allowing businesses to grow from a steady flow of customers. Their secret sauce: No matter what part of the software restaurants use, there is an incremental revenue generating feature that nobody else offers.

Waitbusters’ product suite includes:

  • Commission-Free Online Ordering
  • Delivery Fleet Logistics
  • Wait line Management
  • Reservations Management
  • Table and Server Management
  • Contactless On-premise Dining Order and Pay To Learn More About Waitbusters Dining:

Email agau@waitbusters.com to request a demo, or visit www.waitbustersdining.com.