Krystal Introduces the New Side Chik That Is Taking the Main Stage of The Chicken Wars

The Juicy Little Sandwich Slides Onto the Menu for a Limited TIme

Krystal Introduces the New Side Chik That Is Taking the Main Stage of The Chicken WarsAtlanta, GA  (  Krystal, the original home of the slider in the South, has a new Chik® that’s arrived on the scene. The iconic Southern restaurant brand announced the launch of its Side Chik®, a thicker, juicier and more delicious version of its fan favorite Chik®. While other fast-food restaurants have been fighting for America’s top chicken sandwich, the Krystal Side Chik® is totally ok with being the hot little piece on the side. The new lineup will be available for a limited time at all of the nearly 300 Krystal restaurants.

“By now, every American probably has their favorite chicken sandwich, and we’re not trying to take that away from them, we just want to give everyone the option for a little something special on the side,” said Casey Terrell, Chief Marketing Officer for Krystal Restaurants LLC. “All good things are worth the wait, and I have a strong feeling after just one bite, our new Side Chik® will become the Main Chik®.”

Customers can satisfy their Side Chik® cravings any time of day, whether it’s morning, midday, evening, or late night. Each of the chicken sandwiches may be enjoyed individually or as a combo with two Side Chiks®, crispy fries or tots and a beverage.

The sandwiches feature tender chicken breast fried to golden, crispy perfection. The Side Chik® comes in three distinct variations for lunch and dinner: The BBQ Bacon Cheese Chik®, featuring crispy smoked bacon and tangy Duke’s BBQ; the Pimento Cheese Chik®; the Classic Chik®, featuring a slather of Duke’s Mayo and a fresh pickle on a steamy bun. The Classic will remain on the menu to be enjoyed year round.

For breakfast, the Side Chik® is available in Classic and Pimento Cheese on a buttery, southern-style biscuit. Both are available in a combo with small tots and coffee.

“As Krystal pushes the boundaries with its menu, we’re matching these bold moves with our marketing and how we’re getting in front of our audiences,” said 2 Chainz, Head of Creative Marketing for Krystal. “This brand is willing to take a few risks.  That’s what helped me grow my career and businesses and it’s why I want to be a part of taking this brand from the opening act to the headliner.”

Since joining Krystal as Head of Creative Marketing, 2 Chainz has been expanding his involvement with the brand. He’s been working with Chef Ray Kees, Director of Culinary for Krystal, as part of the R&D process. 2 Chainz has also been attending tastings in the corporate test kitchen to gain more insight and understanding of the brand and its food.

The Side Chik® lineup is available at all participating Krystal restaurants for dine-in, drive-thru, or online ordering via the official Krystal website or app.

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About Krystal Restaurants LLC

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Krystal Restaurants LLC is the original quick-service restaurant chain in the South. Krystal hamburgers have been served fresh and hot off the grill on the iconic square bun since 1932. The company proudly sticks to the classics, but over the years, they’ve never been afraid to innovate.

Krystal has grown to be in 10 states with nearly 300 restaurants and continues to deliver a one-of-a-kind taste experience through their unique menu items that are offered at a great price. The company’s Atlanta-based Restaurant Support Center serves a team of more than 3,500 employees. In 2019, the company was selected to USA Today’s Top-10 Best Regional Fast Food List.

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