Return of the chicken. Photo: Melissa Hom

Barbuto, hardly had time to miss ya. Jonathan Waxman’s iconic West Village restaurant will return, with a planned reopening date of February 25, according to the Times. The roast-chicken hot spot closed last May after several years of rumors.

The new location sounds like the next best thing to the original: The chef tells the Times it’s a mere “300 steps away,” over on Horatio Street, and there will even be the same number of seats (74). It’s actually a little bit bigger and doesn’t have garage doors, though, let’s be real, that won’t affect the salsa verde. The menu will be the same for the most part, with the addition of some soups as well as desserts from pastry chef Heather Miller. The chef also reports that every employee but one will return, to which Grub cannot help but ask, who is that one?

Barbuto, 113 Horatio St., nr. West St.; 212-924-9700