ItsaCheckmate Unveils Insights, a Better Way to Monitor Revenue From a Restaurant’s Digital Ordering Business

Insights is a suite of tools designed to help restaurant operators eliminate blindspots and maximize the revenue of their digital ordering channels

ItsaCheckmate Unveils Insights, a Better Way to Monitor Revenue From a Restaurant’s Digital Ordering BusinessNew York, NY  (RestaurantNews.comItsaCheckmate, the center of a restaurant’s digital ordering business announces Insights, a suite of tools developed with input from our restaurant customers, who require a better way to monitor revenue from their digital ordering business.

More Than Just a Dashboard

Insights is not just another dashboard that gives a summarized view of a restaurant’s operations, but a suite of three complementary tools whose primary function is to deliver timely notifications and actionable items to restaurant operators of all sizes.

In building Insights, ItsaCheckmate used a “RAD” approach to create a set of unique and customizable Reports, Alerts, and Dashboards designed to help operators take quick corrective action to avoid revenue loss by:

  • Alerting when a store is offline beyond a set duration
  • Notifying when revenue fluctuates more than a customizable threshold
  • Displaying relevant details about a location’s status on 3rd party platforms
  • Reporting when stores were turned on/off and the reason why
  • Showing canceled orders in detail

“We built Insights after repeatedly working with some of the largest customers to determine why their revenue had dropped for a specific period. By the time we got to the investigation, it was already too late and we were just doing a post mortem. What if we could alert them as it was happening, and prevent it from escalating?” said Vishal Agarwal, Founder & CEO. “Our customers asked us for a better way to monitor the revenue flowing through their digital ordering channels. A majority of the events were happening as expected, but could we surface the 2% anomalies and help them take immediate action? Now Insights gives them the ability to set up monitors and alerts for various aspects of their operations so they can be alerted only when something goes wrong. For the rest of their operations, they can sleep peacefully knowing it is working well.” 

“RAD” Tools to Take Immediate Action on Your Digital Ordering Business

Each tool in the Insights suite is designed to help restaurant operators eliminate blindspots and maximize the revenue of their digital ordering business.

Reports – Clarity and transparency on things that matter

  • Reports display the details of orders processed by location, orders canceled by ordering platforms and most importantly, precise details of who turned a location off and for how long
  • These Reports provide the information needed by restaurants to connect the dots to find trends and patterns in their digital ordering business

Alerts – Helping restaurants protect every dollar of revenue

  • Operating a fast-paced restaurant sometimes means forgetting to take important actions resulting in missed opportunities. Alerts notifies and reminds restaurants of important, actionable items to keep their business running smoothly
  • Customizable notifications include items marked out of stock for too long, locations or ordering platforms not turned on, revenue fluctuations and more.

Dashboards – Summarized data to know what’s happening at a glance

  • Dashboards is an important tool to help restaurants monitor the overall health of their digital ordering channels in real time, including orders processed, sales generated, average ticket size and much more
  • Restaurants can save hours by avoiding the manual consolidation of data and instantly use Dashboards for the daily monitoring, measuring and analyzing relevant data

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About ItsaCheckmate

ItsaCheckmate allows restaurants to focus on what matters: serving up delicious food and delightful dining experiences.  With ItsaCheckmate, operators can toss the tablets in a drawer and control their online orders and menus straight from their POS – updating everything from item availability to pricing – resulting in higher profits, reduced order errors, and happier staff and customers.  ItsaCheckmate proudly works with 20,000+ global restaurant locations, 50+ POS systems, and 100+ ordering platforms including UberEats, DoorDash, Grubhub, and many more.

Joshua Levitt
Media Relations for ItsaCheckmate