Hidden Gem Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ Gains Traction in Orlando

Hidden Gem Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ Gains Traction in Orlando(RestaurantNews.com)  Orlando, Florida is not only known for its world-famous theme parks and attractions but also for its vibrant culinary scene. Amidst the multitude of dining options, there is one place that stands out for its mouthwatering specialty hot dogs, delectable pulled pork, brisket, and pulled chicken sandwiches. Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ, located at 1737 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32806, is a haven for food enthusiasts seeking a unique and satisfying dining experience. Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ takes the classic hot dog to a whole new level with their innovative specialty creations. Whether you’re a fan of bold flavors or prefer something more traditional, their menu has something for everyone. Sink your teeth into the Nacho Dog, loaded with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, onions, crushed tortilla chips, and sour cream or savor the indulgent Loaded Baked Potato Dog, topped with tater tots, bacon, and cheddar cheese. The Memphis Dog offers a taste of the South with tangy barbecue sauce, coleslaw, and pulled pork.. With countless options, the possibilities for a customized hot dog masterpiece are endless.

Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ is renowned for its mouthwatering pulled pork, brisket, and pulled chicken sandwiches. These sandwiches are prepared with care and smoked to perfection, delivering an explosion of flavors in every bite. The pulled pork is tender and smoky, while the brisket is slow-cooked for a melt-in-your-mouth texture. If you prefer poultry, the pulled chicken sandwich is a must-try, featuring tender chicken smothered in delicious barbecue sauce. No meal at Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ is complete without their delectable sides and munchies. Indulge in the heavenly Sweet Potato Tots, a twist on a classic favorite, or enjoy the addictive Pretzel Nuggets, perfect for dipping in their signature sauces. If you’re in the mood for something unique, the Corn Nuggets are a must-try, featuring crispy bites of cornbread. These delectable sides perfectly complement the main dishes, adding a delightful crunch and variety to your meal.

Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ understands the importance of catering to families. That’s why they offer special deals that make dining out even more enjoyable. On Wednesdays, kids eat free, creating an affordable and hassle-free experience for families. Additionally, on Tuesdays, they offer $3 Hot Dog Tuesday with 2 free toppings, allowing visitors to indulge in their favorite hot dog creations without breaking the bank.

Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ goes above and beyond by offering a range of convenient services to enhance your dining experience. Whether you’re planning a special event or simply want to enjoy their delicious food in the comfort of your own home, Crave provides catering services, delivery, and curbside pickup options. Additionally, their user-friendly app allows you to order with ease and even offers a tempting incentive of 10% off your first purchase when you sign up. Beyond the food, Crave provides an enjoyable atmosphere with table games, outdoor games, and a spacious patio where you can relax and savor your meal. With these additional amenities, Crave Hot Dogs & BBQ ensures that every visit is not only filled with exceptional flavors but also with a delightful and memorable dining experience.

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