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Luring Leura.

I have to admit that my experience in Blue Mountains had always been revolved around touristy spots like the Three Sisters, Echo Point and the scenic railway with the corny Indiana Jones theme tune that doesn’t really give you that sense of adventure as it descends into the black hole. Up till recently, we have a new found love, a little charming village called Leura, a lively neighbourhood filled with boutiques, cafes, art galleries and antique shops. Leura has now become our must-visit destination whenever we are up in the mountains.

During our recent trip to Wolgan Valley, I got a tip-off from a friend who is a local Blue Mountainian that I must go to check out the newly opened Leura Garage, a cafe which has been converted, you’ve guessed it, from an auto repair garage.

Not far from the Leura railway station, the garage is located right at the corner on top of the slope between Leura Mall and railway parade. Painted in faint pastel baby pink, chairs and tables set up outside on the pavement have mostly been taken by lunch goers, soaking up the sun while sipping coffee. The spacious concrete garage inside can be bit chilly without heater during winter season, but the service is warm and friendly. It’s also very difficult to imagine that this cafe is used to be an auto repair garage, the place is immaculately neat and cleverly designed.

But they do keep a few touches here and there to reminisce the yesteryear including the use of old tyres for pot plants, rusty metal frames and the most impressive installation has to be the elevated wine storage sits on top of the old hydraulic car lift! The wine storage will be lowered down in the evening when the cafe is switched into a tapas bar. Very nifty indeed.

We are here for a quick coffee break and order a few pastries from the glass displays. The coffee here is good, strong and robust; a good coffee like this, sugar usually is not needed.

The savoury muffin on the shelve looks exceptionally inviting and we can’t resist but order one. The goat cheese muffin is absolutely delightful, a generous wedge of goat cheese inside the muffin is sharp and tangy, with the sweet sun dried tomato on top is a perfect match made in heaven.

The pastries are alluring but find them a little petite for what it’s worth. But they are good. The chocolate coated eclair is light and filled with custard cream that is just right and not overly sweet.

The apple turnover looks extremely flaky, and inside the puffy pastry is filled with spiced apple chunks. A good puff pastry should shattered into thousand pieces with the flick of a knife, and there is only one way to find out.

And the moment of truth…

You be the judge.

I will be back to Leura Garage for a proper lunch or tapas dinner.

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Leura Garage cafe
84 railway parade Leura 2780
Leura, NSW 2780
P: (02) 4784 3391

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