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Top 10 must-dos in Venice, Italy

We spent a good nine days to get right to the heart of this city, from visiting all the major attractions to rowing a gondola down the canals. 

11 foodies must-dos in Venice, Italy

The city is a maze itself, most tourists will get lost within the first few days, let alone trying to hunt down all the eateries. Here is a list of must-dos to guide you.

Side trip to Emei Shan & Le Shan, China

Our journey in China took us further south to Emei Shan, where we witnessed the largest stone carved Buddha in the world and hiked the highest Buddhist sacred mountain in China.

Life hanging at Hua Shan, China

Just like any Chinese kid growing up in the 80’s, I would imagining myself as one of the Kung Fu heroes, waving my sword and flying over the misty mountain. Fast forward twenty years later, I finally able to fulfil a childhood dream and climbed one of the Five Great Mountains of China – Hua Shan.

Big 40 in South America

To celebrate my 40th, I decided to take a whirlwind trip to South America. A HD video of some of the highlights.