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I would consider myself a latecomer when comes to travelling. In 1996, I came to Australia as a student, but not a tourist. So as a poor uni student, leisure travelling was totally out of the question. 8 years later in 2004, I finally able to afford and go travelling “as a tourist” to UK and Europe. Needless to say, I’ve caught the travel bug since. I am very thankful that this food blog has also given me lots of travel opportunities since I first started back in 2008.

I have flown with many airlines for my travels, whilst most were great experiences but sometimes flying can be a total nightmare. My last trip to China with Cathay Pacific was definitely one of the better experiences. Cathay Pacific are personable in their service and more attentive to the customer’s needs, all a part of their philosophy that travelling well can make your trip more memorable.

Cathay Pacific has just launched Life well travelled campaign and asked me if I would be interested to collaborate and share my travel experiences. I like to think travelling is all about the journey before arriving at the destination. Travel experience begins from the moment I pack my luggage before hopping into a plane. I guess some of you are possibly curious about what is actually inside my luggage when I go travelling. Also there were a few people asking me about my camera gear that I used for all my travel and food photography. This post might answer some of those questions. So here are some of the necessities that I cannot travel without:


Camera Gear

I have two cameras that I use regularly for my travel and food photography. It all depends on the trips, if I know the trip is going to be short and mainly focus on food, then I prefer to travel light and will only carry my small Olympus E-M10 with me. When I am on the road for a longer period of time, or going to destinations that I know are going to be picturesque, then I will carry my DSLR Canon 5D mkIII to get the best images I possibly can.




If you haven’t noticed already that I am totally addicted to Instagram. I find many of my followers curious about what I am up to while I am travelling, so I tend to post my photos and share my experience with everyone almost in real time. At least I don’t have to worry about my phone running out of battery since Cathay Pacific let you charge your devices onboard. I have to admit that it is kind of sad that I am so attached to my iPhone and checking Facebook and Instagram all the time, but I always try to get off the grid as much as possible and submerge myself in a foreign city. If you follow my instagram, you would have seen most of the photos I’ve posted was from a recent trip to Venice!



Universal power plug converter & Powerbank 

The two most important things when I am globetrotting. It is utterly annoying to know that every time you visit a foreign country, you will need to get the specific power plug converter that is compliant with the power point. Then I found this universal power plug converter that fits all power points around the world, including USB ports, it has totally changed my life.

For some reason my iPhone’s battery doesn’t seem to last very long, especially when I have a few social media apps opened that use location services, the phone will die within couple of hours. That’s why I usually have a powerbank in my camera bag so I can charge my phone whenever the battery is low. If you do not have one, is worth to invest and get one for the rainy days.



Macbook Air

I used to carry an iPad with me but eventually I switched to a Macbook Air which is more practical. As much as I enjoying my travels but it is not always a relaxing one. I usually still have to work wherever I go, replying emails, writing blog posts and also editing photos whenever I have some down time. No rest for the wicked! And if you are travelling Business with Cathay, you will get to work in the comfort of an adjustable seat and a full computer battery.



External Hard Drive

Since my Macbook Air doesn’t have a lot of storage space and I usually shoot over thousands of photos whenever I am on a trip, so an external hard drive is extremely useful. I usually download and back up all my photos from my camera onto the external hard drive daily so I can free up the space on the memory card and ready for the next day photoshoot. And I also have a lot of movies and TV series on the external hard drive so I can catch up of some shows during the long haul flights.



Runners & Gym clothes

All the food and no exercise makes Billy a very very fat kid. I used to think that hitting the gym while on holiday is for losers, but not anymore. I try not to worry too much about the food and all the indulgence as I should be enjoying myself while I am on holiday. Having said that, I always bring along my running shoes and gym clothes so that I can go for a run or do some workouts at the hotel gym to burn some calories. Sorry, elastic waist pants is a no no!



Heartburn pills

A true food blogger will eat and drink anything, anytime, anywhere. Sometimes I do have to visit as many restaurants as possible all in one day, especially when I am on assignments. So there are only so much food I can handle before I collapse with a tight chest and the heart felt like is on fire. Hence I always have heartburn pills in the luggage whenever I need it. Another reason why I always have heartburn pills with me is to eliminate my Asian Flush syndrome. It might not work for everyone, but if I take the pills an hour before consuming any alcohol, it tends to stop my facial flushing.



I am glad that Cathay Pacific has given me this opportunity to share a little insight into my travel life as a food blogger and photographer. But I am pretty sure everyone travels differently and have different things in their luggage. I am very curious to know what would be the things that you must have when you go travelling, would love for you to share it here with me.

Feel free to explore Cathay Pacific’s “Life well travelled” campaign and you can also share your experience by using hashtag #lifewelltravelled on instagram to win a trip to Hong Kong! The lucky winner will experience a culinary journey starting set The Lobby, Spring Moon, then going to Gaddi’s and finishing with dessert at Felix! Can’t believe I still haven’t been to Hong Kong, maybe I should enter myself!


PRIZE DATES: 5-8 May 2015
– Return Premium Economy tickets for two adults Sydney to Hong Kong
– 3 nights’  accommodation at The Peninsula Hong Kong, daily Traditional Peninsula Breakfast in The Lobby and round trip Rolls-Royce airport transfers
– Peninsula Academy “Dim Sum Cooking Class”
– Culinary Journey at The Peninsula Hong Kong: experience all 4 signature restaurants in 1 night, starting from The Lobby, Spring Moon, then going to the French fine-dining restaurant Gaddi’s and enjoy dessert at Felix, a modern European restaurant designed by renowned designer Philippe Starck and enjoys the stunning Victoria Harbour view from the 28/F
1. Entries must be made via Instagram or the participating bloggers Facebook page to qualify. Participating bloggers are: Zanita (@zanitazanita), A Table for Two (, D’Marge (@dmarge), Harper & Harley (@harperandharley) and What Katie Ate (#whatkatieate). 2. Entries close 11.59pm AEST 7th April 2015.   3. One entry per person, open to Australian residents only.  4. This giveaway is a game of skill. 5. Entry photos must answer the question: “What moment most encapsulates Life Well travelled to you? The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.  7. Entries must identify one of the bloggers above using their Instagram handle [e.g. @BLOGGER]  and  must include #lifewelltravelled  9. Entries from all blogs will be placed together in the same pool and one winner chosen,  10. The winner will be announced via Instagram (@Zanitazanita) and the Cathay Pacific Airways Facebook page. Once announced, winners must provide an email address to receive further details.  11. Cathay Pacific will be in contact after winner has been drawn with details of redeeming your prize. 12. If the winner does not reply within 7 days the prize will be forfeited and awarded to the entry judged to be the next best. 13. This competition is not administered, endorsed or sponsored by Facebook or Instagram. For full terms and conditions, please go to