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If you have never been to Adelaide, or haven’t been back for the last 5 years, I think is time to turn your forever growling empty tummy to this city that is now fast becoming the next hot foodie destination. When I told a friend of mine who used to live in Adelaide over 12 years ago that I was heading down to Adelaide to do some research, well “food” research to be exact, for an article that I need to write for Expedia Travel, he jumped the gun and wanted to tag along, as he wanted to experience the new Adelaide, 12 years later. As soon as we touched down, I became that annoying travel companion who kept asking my friend questions whether he could remember all the streets and buildings in the Adelaide city. “Do you remember this street?”, “Do you remember this building?”, “What about this bridge, do you remember it?”, “Have you been to this restaurant? Probably wasn’t here 12 years ago.”, “You sure you can’t remember anything at all? C’mon!”, “Rundle Mall, oh good you remembered. Yes, the silver balls are gone, so sad…”

And what did we do for the whole weekend? We ate, and we ate some more. We explored all the new food venues around the city, checked out some of the small bars around Peel-Leigh street precinct, visited a few good ole favourites and frolicked at the farmers market. And this video below pretty much sums up our eating extravaganza in Adelaide.

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A foodie guide to Adelaide.