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If you haven’t heard about it already, my second cookbook MAN FOOD will be hitting major bookstores in Australia on 1st August! Even thought I am very excited that I finally able to share this book with you all, deep down I am actually bloody nervous! You might not know this, but actually I always get a little stressed out whenever someone cooks from the recipes on my blog, I always worried that the recipe might not work for them and then I get all upset and start doubting myself. You have to admit that it’s almost like putting yourself out there and to be judged. It is nice to hear compliments occasionally from people who cooked from my recipes and the dishes turned out well, but at times I will get my head chopped off because I was told that my recipe sucks!

So, you have no idea how nerve wrecking it would be to actually compile 70 recipes and put in a cookbook, and people like you are actually going to buy it and cook from it. I seriously hope you will like this cookbook as I am really proud of my awesome team who worked so hard on this book and we sure put a lot of effort into it. I can’t thank them enough to lend me a helping hand to get me through the finish line during the stressful few months trying to meet the deadline. So, thank you, thank you!

So what can you expect from “MAN FOOD”? 

I can tell you what it isn’t: quinoa burgers, air-dried kale chips and carrot smoothies. Dude food. Bro snacks. Man Grub… call it what you like, although I am being a little tongue in cheek here, I like to think that Man Food can be more than just deep-fried everything with a side of bacon (although you’ll find a lot of that in this book). For me, Man Food is when you fire up a BBQ to grill some sausages or seafood, when you carve into that big hunk of prime rib and serve it with crispy roast potatoes, when you make pasta from scratch and bake your first loaf of bread, when you embrace a classic hearty warm beef stew or a hot bowl of Vietnamese pho bo on a rainy day, when you snack on candied popcorn (or bacon) in front of the TV, when you prepare a DIY meat fest for your next dinner party, or whip up the most decadent dessert for your loved ones on special occasions – Man Food is good food for a good time.

Just to get you salivate, here is a little teaser of what you can expect from the book. Remember to grab yourself a copy on 1st August!