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What a gorgeous weekend! The last thing I wanted to do is being stuck inside the house and mess around in the kitchen. No way José! Having said that, I did spend only a few hours in kitchen just to finish my Daring Bakers challenge, as I wasn’t happy with the first attempt I did over a week ago. Apart from that, activities in kitchen over the weekend were kept to a minimal. So for breakfast, no fancy cook up, just simple, healthy, delicious soft boiled egg.

Soft boiled egg, or half boiled egg however you want to call it, everyone seems to have their own method of cooking to perfection. The Pom prefers to use his Egg-Perfect egg timer to cook his eggs. He likes his eggs with soft yolk and firmer egg white and eat it the traditional English way with an egg cup and a spoon. Mind you, we even have a egg shell cutter which I found clumsy to use. As for myself, I have my own secret weapon which I brought all the way back to Australia from Malaysia.



The foolproof soft boiled egg cooker!

I am like many others who adore the omega soft boiled eggs at Old Town White Coffee cafe who also uses this big tall yellow plastic thingy to cook their eggs. And this big tall yellow thingy is the best soft boiled egg cooker… ever! Seriously, whoever invented this soft boiled egg cooker deserves a medal. The eggs come out perfect every single time! Okay, when I say perfect, I mean a runny soft boiled egg, with soft egg white and yolk, no lumpy bits.


The cooker is extremely easy to use. It comes in 3 parts – a bottom to catch water, a plastic container for egg cooking process, and a lid. It is also probably the only egg cooker that doesn’t using a cooktop to cook an egg. All you have to do is boil some water in the kettle, put the egg inside the plastic container, then pour the hot water over the eggs until the water reaches the desired level as indicated on the side of the container according to the number of eggs you are cooking. Then, cover the lid and you can just walk away, and let the water drip from the top part to the bottom holder. Once the water finished dripping, then your eggs are ready! Easy peasy!


In Malaysia, we usually just crack the eggs into a bowl, sprinkle with a little bit of white pepper powder and a dash of soy sauce, give it a quick stir and then just drink it down. It is usually consider as a pre-breakfast “protein” boost, before the big bowl of noodle soup. These days I usually only go by with two eggs and a cup of coffee for breakfast, and sometimes I will make some toast sticks for dipping to make it more substantial. So simple, so tasty, so healthy, what not to love?!

Do you have a secret recipe to make the perfect soft boiled egg?

Here’s a video of the foolproof soft boiled egg cooker in action. Enjoy! 🙂

Soft boiled egg cooker from Billy Law on Vimeo.