Peck's Seafood Announces Nationwide Franchise Launch

The Louisiana-based seafood franchise is accepting franchise buyer applications as it kicks off its franchise opportunity for the first time in its 19+ history.

Peck's Seafood Announces Nationwide Franchise LaunchSlidell, LA  (  Seafood fanatics have reason to get excited this season as a new franchise hits the marketplace — Peck’s Seafood. The Louisiana-based seafood franchise is welcoming new franchise partners as it works to expand throughout the United States.

Peck’s Seafood, known for its fresh seafood like the Fried Shrimp Po’Boy and ImPECKable Seafood Platter, is based out of Slidell, Louisiana. Owned by Matt and Michelle Pecoraro, the brand has quickly taken off in local popularity since its inception, prompting the founders to move towards franchising.

“We wanted to develop Peck’s Seafood into a franchise because there is no other franchise out there like it,” the couple shared in a joint statement. “Everything we use is extremely fresh, locally sourced whenever possible. Not only is this a fantastic business to be a part of, it’s a chance to support local seafood businesses directly.”

Peck’s Seafood was first founded in 2004, emerging from a to-go-only concept. Since then, the full service restaurant has grown exponentially and has continually added new menu items year after year.

Peck's Seafood Announces Nationwide Franchise Launch
Fried Shrimp Po’Boy

“We are beyond excited to be launching our franchise opportunity. We are ready to get started and anxious to get the first one rolling. We worked through the development process, creating a fantastic business for our franchisees,” stated Michelle Pecoraro. “This is the part we’ve been waiting for!”

The company is working to expand first around southern Louisiana and southern Mississippi, eventually expanding to Florida’s panhandle.

“As we start out, we are going to first focus on keeping our franchise partners close in order to ensure quality support,” commented Michelle Percoraro. “But we are open to investors and entrepreneurs anywhere in the United States.”

Support is indeed robust for the seafood brand. Not only do franchise partners gain the 19+ years of marketing strategies and brand recognition, but the power couple will remain accessible for other areas of support, Matt Percoraro said.

“We want our franchise partners to succeed 100%, so we will be there through the process,” he said. “We are going to give them the tools for success which includes operational support, our vendor connections, and any other trade secrets we’ve learned in our almost two decades of business.”

To learn more about franchising opportunities with Peck’s Seafood, visit

Peck's Seafood Announces Nationwide Franchise Launch
Blackened Shrimp Salad

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Peck’s Seafood has been serving up deliciously fresh seafood since 2004 in Louisiana. Every Peck’s Seafood location is set on a high-quality customer experience, complete with a menu of fan favorites and surprising flavors, including salads, seafood platters, and sandwiches. To learn more about Peck’s Seafood, visit or find out more about franchising opportunities at

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