A Melbourne restaurant has taken to social media to expose a group of males who it claims ran away from a $500 bill.

The large group dined outside at Old School Pizza & Stonegrill in Coburg in Melbourne’s north on the night of Saturday, October 8, eating entrees, mains and desserts, before they left without paying for their food.

The restaurant owner, Kamal Soueid, has shared CCTV footage of the group eating then appearing to leave one by one on TikTok and Instagram to “shame” the males’ behaviour.

The group were seen running away without paying. (Nine)

Soueid has told 3AW that when he reported the incident to police he was told ‘dine and dashing’ had been occurring at “a lot of restaurants in the area”.

“We put it on social media so other people, other restaurants, they could hopefully recognise these guys and take some action so it doesn’t affect him the way it’s affected us,” he said.

Police have said they are investigating the theft, and have called for any witnesses or anyone with information are urged to contact police.

The pizza restaurant has shared CCTV to ‘shame’ the group of males. (Instagram)