Bringing Menus to the Digital Age: Tabmeal's Vision for Modern Dining

Bringing Menus to the Digital Age: Tabmeal's Vision for Modern DiningNew York, NY  (  Dive deep into the modern-day dining experience with Tabmeal – a trailblazing digital platform that’s making waves on Kickstarter. Forget those monotonous QR codes that lazily lead to a standard PDF menu. With Tabmeal, we’re redefining how restaurants engage with their patrons in our tech-savvy era.

The driving force behind this culinary revolution? Konstantin Vishnikin. “Here we are, in 2023, at the pinnacle of technological evolution. Yet, diners like me with dietary restrictions still grapple with deciphering menus, especially when traveling abroad. That’s not just taxing for the patrons but also a potential revenue leak for restaurants with guests indecisively skimming through the menu,” Vishnikin points out.

But Tabmeal isn’t just your ordinary digital menu. It paints a culinary picture with vibrant visuals of dishes, gives real-time inventory statuses, ensures seamless menu edits, showcases daily specials, and manages extensive catering events. And the icing on the cake? Automated translations. Whether you’re a local exploring foreign cuisines or a traveler indulging in local delights, Tabmeal ensures you understand the menu in your native language while viewing prices in your local currency.

The pièce de résistance, however, is the patent-pending Allergen Awareness Feature. This ingenious badge system meticulously details the ingredients of each dish. For those with food allergies, Tabmeal goes a step further, indicating if an allergenic ingredient can be removed. An excited Vishnikin shares, “This level of transparency in the food industry is unprecedented. By backing our Kickstarter, you’re championing more than just a technological marvel; you’re advocating for a universally enhanced dining experience.”

Tabmeal is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

Bringing Menus to the Digital Age: Tabmeal's Vision for Modern Dining

About Tabmeal

Tabmeal is a cutting-edge digital service company founded in 2023. This platform, built by hospitality professionals and tech experts, aims to revolutionize restaurant websites and digital menus. With over 50 years of collective experience, our founders identified a market gap and designed Tabmeal to fill it. Our practical and user-friendly features stand as a testament to the perfect blend of tech and taste, aiming to enhance the dining experience while boosting restaurant operations. With Tabmeal, the joy of dining begins even before the food arrives.

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