Are You a Chef Looking To Start a Ghost Kitchen?

Are You a Chef Looking To Start a Ghost Kitchen?

(  LAUNCH Cloud Kitchen Incubator (LiCK) is a new 14-week program to help chefs and entrepreneurs start, build, and scale a food business.

LiCK, run by LAUNCH and CloudKitchens, will provide mentorship on kitchen economics, business operations, digital marketing, sales, branding, and fundraising.

We’ll accept seven chef-entrepreneurs for the first cohort beginning in the fall/winter of 2023. We are looking for:

  • Food entrepreneurs who want to expand in the ghost kitchen space
  • Successful tech entrepreneurs interested in the food/ghost kitchen space
  • Entrepreneurs or chefs looking for a co-founder

You don’t need an existing business to apply — just a great idea! Application:

Are You a Chef Looking To Start a Ghost Kitchen?


LAUNCH is an early-stage investment firm founded by Jason Calacanis. LAUNCH invests millions of dollars in ~100 startups annually through the LAUNCH Accelerator, LAUNCH Fund, Syndicate, and LAUNCH Cloud Kitchen Incubator.

The company also hosts free events, podcasts, books, and research products for founders and investors.

About CloudKitchens

CloudKitchens is a ghost kitchen, a virtual restaurant operated like a regular restaurant but without dine-in.

With the help of CloudKitchens, restaurateurs can easily grow an already-existing business or launch a new digital brand.

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