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Once you set your foot in Tasmania, it is very likely that you will never want to leave this gorgeous little island for many reasons. Whether it’s the scenery, the food (it’s always about the food for me), or the people, this humble island doesn’t seem to be short of reasons to stay. Wherever you go is always picture perfect, locals will welcome you with a smile, and your tummy will always be full and contented. Even though I had a great time checking out the Festivale in Launceston, enjoying the food and wine that Tasmania has to offer, it was simply not quite the same as taking myself on a road trip, visiting the farm gate, mingling with the locals and getting behind the scenery.

And I did exactly that.

This time I also travelled with a film crew to capture all the actions on the road trip. I know I keep saying how awesome Tasmania is, but don’t my word for it, check out the video and see for yourself.