When I was on Masterchef…

Last night I already packed my luggage. I actually think packing the luggage without knowing whether you are going or not is the hardest part to be in the elimination challenge. Then just think about having to unpack again if I don't have to leave the house.

A feast in Lima, Peru – Part 1

“Es difícil hacer el amor pero se aprende.” It means, “It is difficult to make love, but you learn.” You know what they say about those sexy Latin Americans, they are always so charming, full of passion and always so much love to give. This quote above is...

Am I getting old?

First of all, please allow me to go all emo on this post, so you probably shouldn't read it if you are on Prozac. When I was planning to write an uplifting, chirpy post about this scrumptious banana bread, trying to convince you how wonderful my life is travelling all the time and how I have just baked and eaten the best banana bread in my life and you should definitely give this recipe a try. And then I looked at these sad, brown, old mushy bananas that were on the verge of going to the thrash bin, I suddenly had an epiphany and decided to go against the norm. Why? Because I think I am getting old.