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The Rice Den – Chatswood, NSW

How much deep fried is too much? I say, never too much. These salt and pepper nasu are simply the best, wedges of eggplants are battered in a spicy five spice mix then deep fried to a golden crunch on the outside and comfortingly soft on the inside, a splash of...

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CODA – Melbourne, VIC

CODA, a restaurant that I finally able to tick off my bucket list and I sure wasn't disappointed. This almost 5 year old restaurant is still pumping and no sign of slowing down; so scoring a table is as challenging as ever. Wise man would make a call to book a table...

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Lynn Shanghai Cuisine – Sydney CBD

"You sure you want pig ears?" The manager, Theresa, couldn't believe it when I order pig ears for the group of six of us; she looks at me and then at the other four caucasians in the group. I reassure her that yes, I would like to order pigs ears and yes, they will...

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The Cellar Restaurant – Hunter Valley, NSW

Puppy Love. Just look at this cute little face, how could you say "no dogs allowed" even though she will be on leash at all time, quietly sitting by our side under the table at the outdoor dining area? Sadly, that's exactly what we experienced during our recent day...

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Parwana Afghan Restaurant – Adelaide, South Australia

"But we come here all the way from Sydney!" Have you ever begged out of desperation, hoping to get into a fully booked restaurant for a meal? Well, we have; with no shame as we begged to dine at Parwana, an Afghan restaurant tucked in the suburb of Torrensville in...

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GAZI – Melbourne, Vic

It looks deceitfully like a slice of pizza, but it isn't. It is, in fact something better! The golden triangle of kefalotyri is pan fried to an even golden tan, glistening seductively in sweet, sticky honey. A charred wedge of lemon is begging for a squeeze; golden...

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Beer Battered Chicken Katsu

I love fried chicken, I won't lie. It's a big statement and my artery swears by it. I think if you have followed by instagram and this blog long enough then you would have noticed that my fried chicken obsession is like Conchita Wurst,...

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Bacon Lattice Desktop Wallpaper and Bacon Kaboom! Recipe

You had me at B-A-C-O-N! Who doesn't like the first thing you see when you turn on the computer in the morning is BACON? As I know some of you were drooling over this bacon lattice image from the cover of my new cookbook MAN FOOD, so I thought I will share it with you...

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Nectarine Frangipane Tart

Edible flowers are the best. I was craving for stone fruit badly, and don't ask me how, but I managed to find some nectarines and paid high price for it. I know, I know, I am a naughty boy and not adhere to my own rule, as I always encourage people to use seasonal...

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Mini Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tarts

If you haven't followed my instagram ( already, then you might have missed out on the little sneak peek of my upcoming cook - "MAN FOOD" which due out in August! And I reckon you are going to love this book. Think bacon, salted caramel, deep fried,...

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Mini Lemon Meringue Tarts

I really should have done this earlier, I wish I had thought about doing it when I first moved up to Central Coast seven years ago. However, it is better late than never, I am actually very glad that I did it and absolutely loving it. And, what I am referring to, is...

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