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Am I getting old?

First of all, please allow me to go all emo on this post, so you probably shouldn't read it if you are on Prozac. When I was planning to write an uplifting, chirpy post about this scrumptious banana bread, trying to convince you how wonderful my life is travelling all the time and how I have just baked and eaten the best banana bread in my life and you should definitely give this recipe a try. And then I looked at these sad, brown, old mushy bananas that were on the verge of going to the thrash bin, I suddenly had an epiphany and decided to go against the norm. Why? Because I think I am getting old.

Beer Battered Chicken Katsu

I love fried chicken, I won't lie. It's a big statement and my artery swears by it. I think if you have followed by instagram and this blog long enough then you would have noticed that my fried chicken obsession is like Conchita Wurst,...