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Little Korea Cookbook


Little Korea takes you to the heart of Korean cooking – from grandma’s comfort food to the iconic street eats and cult recipes gathering fans from Seoul to New York.

From many, kimchi – that revered dish of spicy fermented cabbage – is a first, unforgettable taste of Koran cuisine. But kimchi is just a glimpse of the bigger picture.  The food in Korea is also rightfully renowned for its barbecue dishes like smoky beef bulgogi, not to mention the ‘other’ KFC – Korean Fried Chicken – a dish so good it leaves an indelible impact on anyone who tries it. And, of course, there are peerless rice dishes such as kimchi fried rice and bibimbap, deliriously spicy noodles, crunchy spring onion pancakes, vegetable and fish fritters, and an array of incredible banchan – vegetable-based side dishes that accompany most meals. Little Korea has all this and everything else you need to get truly hooked on Seoul food.   



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Dude food. Bro snacks. Man grub. Call it what you like, stylist, photographer and food blogger Billy Law is taking man food to the next level with Man Food. If you’re hankering for meaty, hearty, comfort food, you need a MAN FOOD fix. Beware: This is a quinoa-free zone. Join Billy as he serves up epic meals for man-sized appetites.


Everything on the page here looks attractive and reeks of caramelised meats, spicy Southern flavours and fudge heart-starters. Best bit: Law’s enthusiasm and “no apologies” approach.

Marcus Teague


published August 2014 by Hardie Grant Australia.

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Have You Eaten?

Food has always played a key role in Malaysian-born Billy Law’s life – in his home country it’s not uncommon to greet each other by asking “Have you eaten yet?”” instead of “How are you?” When Billy migrated to Australia in 1996 he took his inquisitive palate to a whole new culinary world. As well as cooking dishes from home he also started experimenting with the flavours of his adopted homeland. The juxtaposition of two different cultures has allowed Billy to submerge himself in an endless combination of Eastern and Western cuisines. Have You Eaten? showcases Billy’s passion for cooking through his favourite collected recipes from both worlds – from traditional Malaysian-Chinese Nyonya recipes like Chinese roast pork belly to contemporary Western-style dishes such as Braised beef cheeks in Pedro Ximinez and Vegemite Cheesecake.


The sharp, tart raspberries provide the perfect counterpoint. The cereal cleverly lightens the whole mixture (Rocky Road) and adds a crunch. My taste-testers went back for second helpings, as did I. A smash hit.

Claire Low

Canberra Times

Many of the headnotes are funny, and there are helpful cooking tips throughout; beautiful photos illustrate every recipe, and they’re shot by Law himself. What can’t this guy do?

Grant Butler

Oregon Live

published August 2012 by Hardie Grant Australia.

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