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Few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to join Jacob’s Creek for a very special event called ‘Our Table’ down at Barossa Valley. It was an event to celebrate togetherness, where memorable moments and new friendships were made. It was a great experience to be sitting at the table with guests from around the world, including USA, India, China, Hong Kong, Serbia, Thailand, France, UK, Japan, NZ and even Slovenia! There were some language barriers, but it didn’t stop us to mingle and had a great time together in Barossa Valley. 

During the event, I asked everyone one simple question, “What does ‘Our Table’ mean to you?” It was fascinating to listening to everyone’s story, what they learned from the event and how it brought back some fond memories. It just shows that no matter where you came from, sitting down and enjoy a meal together still play an important part in our daily lives. 

I hope you enjoy the video as much I did making it. 

So here’s a question for my readers, “What does ‘Our Table’ mean to you?”