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Two more sleeps till Christmas!

I have to admit I do love this time of year. The Christmas tree, the fairy lights, the carols, the scrumptious feast and of course the little presents. For me, Christmas is all about sharing the love. Every Christmas I try to do something good to give back to the community, be it a donation or host a Christmas lunch for the homeless, and this year is no exception. I am very grateful to have friends and long time followers of A Table For Two who have been super supportive of my work and also this blog. To thank you guys, so I thought I will do something special. A couple of weeks ago I secretly uploaded a picture on Instagram asking everyone, what would you want for Christmas this year. I have a few responses on Instagram and Facebook but little did they know that a couple of you are in for a Big Surprise as I will be playing Secret Santa this year. The thing is, I am actually not going to bring my wallet for the Christmas Shopping but only using Apple Pay on my iPhone activated with American Express

To be honest, Christmas shopping scares me! I usually try to avoid the crowd and the chaos at any shopping malls, do my shopping as quickly as possibly can and get out of there. That’s why the Apple Pay comes in real handy as it makes the transaction real fast without all the fuss. Now, if you are thinking of using Apple Pay, first you will need to add your American Express credit card to the Wallet app on your iPhone (or Apple Watch) and here’s how you do it:


First thing you need is an Apple Watch or iPhone 6.  Open the Wallet app (used to called Passbook) on your iPhone, tap the plus sign in the upper right-hand corner to add credit card. Then scan your Card using your iPhone’s camera, or enter the Card details manually. It will ask you for the four digit security code on the front of your Card and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Once you’ve loaded your Card, you are all set and ready to use Apple Pay, simple as that. 

Any retailers that accept American Express contactless payments will be able to accept Apple Pay transactions. When you want to make a payment, all you have to do is hold your device up to the contactless payment terminal. Your device will prompt you to perform Touch ID, which is done by placing your finger on the home button. When the transaction is successful, the word ‘Done’ and a tick appear on your screen. You’ll also hear a beep from your device. 


I was pretty skeptical about using Apple Pay, but found myself loving it. I love the convenience of it without having to carry cash with me. Know that feeling when your pocket is full of spare coins if you pay by cash after multiple transactions? You don’t have to worry about that with Apple Pay. I was having a lot of fun tapping in and out with ease. I definitely can see myself using it more often. Sometimes I prefer to go to bars or night clubs without having to carry my wallet but only my driver license and my credit card, just in case it gets lost or stolen; so I can see Apple Pay will come in real handy. And also, I tend to always forget my wallet whenever I go out for grocery shopping, the Apple Pay on my iPhone will be a life saver in this scenario. 

Although Apple Pay is still new, many retailers around Australia are actually already started using this technology including David Jones, Myer, Muji, Uniqlo, McDonald’s, K-Mart, Harvey Norman, Telstra, Coles, Woolworths, Harris Farm, Officeworks, Hoyts, Zara, Bunnings and Shell. I can see Apple Pay has a lot of potentials and I am sure more retailers will get onboard in future. I actually managed to do all the shopping, had lunch and even went grocery shopping all in one day, using nothing but Apple Pay!  

Well, if you still have the last minute Christmas shopping to do or preparing for the stampede on Boxing Day sale, I would suggest you to use Apple Pay. It makes shopping so much easier, perhaps a little too easy and I can see myself turning into a shopaholic! But I had a lot of fun as the Secret Santa and surprised two of my Instagram followers, and you can watch all the action in the video that I put together. 

Last but not least, thank you to American Express for the opportunity and made someone’s wish come true this Christmas. Hereby I would like to wish everyone of you,

Happy Holidays and a Joyful New Year!


[This post is sponsored by American Express]