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How do you tell your travel companion that he snored like a steam train last night? 

I was actually rather excited to sleep in the campervan, until I found out that my travel companion actually snored in his sleep. When two guys confined in a tight space, there was no escape of the loud snoring for me. I kicked him, nudged him but still no luck. I woke up grumpy the next morning, the bad sleep definitely didn’t help with the long drive either. I simply had to find a solution somehow. 

From Phillip Island to Sorrento is a 2 hour drive, hence we started early and headed to the ferry wharf as we will be bringing the campervan to cross the water on SeaRoad Ferry to Queenscliff wharf. I really looked forward to this part of the journey as it will be one of the most scenic routes of the trip – the picturesque Great Ocean Road.


Crossing over to Queenscliff


Loch Ard Gorge


Twelve Apostles


Let me take a selfie.


London Arch

It’s been a long time since I visited Great Ocean Road which was over 15 years ago, so it was kind of nice to cruise along this part of Australia and admire the nature beauty. We made quick stops at a few popular landmarks including the Loch Ard Gorge, London Arch and of course the most famous Twelve Apostles. Despite we were on the fringe of Australia south coast line, I had no trouble to stay connected with Optus network and able to post a few videos and photos on Snapchat and also Instagram.


Instagram worthy


Sunset at Twelve Apostle

We spent another night in the campervan at Port Campbell as the snoring continued. That evening was particularly freezing as our van was parked right next to the beach and the wind was howling. I managed to get some sleep by using headphones with music on as it did blocked out some of the snoring.

The next morning we crossed the border over to South Australia, which also means we had to chuck most of our fresh fruit and vegetable out as Australia has very strict interstate quarantine regulations. Instead of chucking them out, we decided to stop for lunch and used up all the ingredients. Love a bit of outdoor cooking in the pine forest where I also introduced my travel companion to kangaroo meat. I think he liked it.


Pine forest


The road that leads to South Australia


Posing in the pine forest is optional


Frying up the kangaroo patties


Love cooking outdoor


Kanga Burger!


Our first stop in South Australia was Mount Gambier. Mount Gambier is truly a hidden gem with many unique landscape formations that worth visiting. The Umpherston Sinkhole, also known as the sunken gardens is one of Mount Gambier most popular attractions. Another attraction is the Blue Lake, it changes into an unbelievable shade of blue in warmer months. 



Umpherston Sinkhole, AKA the Sunken Garden


Next stop was Kingston S.E. where we supposed to stay here for the night. Unfortunately there wasn’t really much to see here except the big giant lobster. We found a fish and chips shop and was hoping that we get to taste some sweet lobsters, sadly it wasn’t lobster season and to be honest, I don’t even know whether you can actually buy lobster here. No lobster, nothing to see and the thought of another night in the campervan with loud snoring were enough to persuade me to push on with the driving.

It took me another 3 hours of driving before we hit Adelaide, and it was well past 8pm. We were well famished and could ate a horse! But what I was looking forward the most was my own comfy bed at the Ibis hotel, all to myself and no snoring! Yes, no snoring. I slept like a log. The gruelling driving was totally worth it.






[This road trip is made possible by Optus. A Table For Two is travelling as an ‘Agent of Yes’]