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By now, we would have done over 1200km on the campervan. We decided to spend two nights in Adelaide so we could take it easy a little before the next long drive all the way to the outback. I am very fond of Adelaide so it was nice to be back here again and checked out a couple of the wine regions in South Australia. 

Our first stop was Adelaide Hills which is an easy 40 minutes drive from the city. We spent the day in Hahndorf, a quaint little town which used to be the German settlement when they migrated and settled here in the early days. Nowadays Hahndorf is a popular tourist destination where you will find everything German, from architecture, baked goods, folk art to exquisite wine. 

We kicked off the day with a hearty breakfast at Kitchen 2C. This newish cafe emphasises on seasonal local produce, everything on the menu were made from locally sourced ingredients. Another place worth checking out is The Haus which also has the same concept. 


Cosy interior at 2C Cafe

A hearty breakfast from 2C cafe.


Street corner in Hahndorf

The Haus Cafe, Bar and Kitchen

Delicious cheeses from Udder Delights

Unpasteurised milk cheese at $300/kilo

German folk art gift shop

When in German town, eat a pretzel


Try all Adelaide Hills wines in one spot.

There are around 50 cellar doors In Adelaide Hills. If you like the idea of trying them all at one spot, Adelaide Hills wine centre in Hahndorf might just be the answer. But we wanted to dig deeper to find out more about the wine varieties that grow here in Hahndorf, so we headed to Hahndorf Hill Winery and chatted to Christine who works at the cellar door. I wouldn’t even try to pronounce the wines as most of them have fancy German names where the vines were imported from Austria. It is interesting to know how they have embraced technology to help with the business, including a website where you can find out more about their wines, a mailing list that they send emails out about latest releases and a Facebook page to engage with their audience.


Blaufrankisch – Hahndorf Hill Winery’s signature wine


The cellar door overlooking the vineyard




A wide selection of Hahndorf Hill Winery wines

After spending two nights in a hotel with the comfy bed all to myself, I felt recharged and ready to conquer the world again. I also picked up a pair of earphones at Rundle Street Mall which will be more comfortable to sleep on than the headphones, and I’m sure I will soon find out whether it works or not to block out my friend’s snoring. 

We started off early the very next day as we aimed to reach Broken Hill before sunset. It was a gruelling 5 hours drive to the outback from Adelaide, so we decided to make a quick stop at Clare Valley to break up the driving a bit. Clare is another popular wine region in South Australia which sadly we didn’t have time to explore at all. At least we managed to have a quick breakfast at the Wild Saffron Cafe which uses local Rhodes free range eggs, delicious smokey bacon and salt bush lamb sausages from Mathie’s Meat Shoppe just across the road.

Big Breakfast at Wild Saffron uses all local ingredients.


Jason Mathie the sausage king of Clare

I went over to the butcher shop to have a chat with the owner, Jason Mathie who is also known as the Sausage King here in Clare. His award winning salt bush sausages are made from using hogget which he said it has more flavour than lamb. Jason revealed that by winning the title of Sausage King has helped with the business a lot. He has customers travelled from Adelaide and around South Australia to Clare just to taste his sausages. Jason spends most of his time to produce best quality meat and sausages and leave the technology side of things to his wife. He said the best piece of technology in the shop is possibly the eftpos machine. He said most customers come in these days prefer to use eftpos system instead of cash, especially using PayWave, customers can just tab and go. 

IMG_6308   IMG_6310


Smoked bacon


All the awards won by Jason with his fantastic products over the years


The Eftpos machine is the best piece of technology at the shop

I simply couldn’t leave Clare without grabbing a few of them sausages. It was time for us to hop back into the campervan as it was still a long way ahead before we reach Broken Hill. But at least I had some yummy sausages to look forward to. 







[This road trip is made possible by Optus. A Table For Two is travelling as an ‘Agent of Yes’]