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The long road to the outback

After a quick visit of Clare in South Australia, it was a straight five long hours drive to Broken Hill, the gateway to the Australia outback. Broken Hill had always been on my bucket list so I was really looking forward to visit this town for the very first time. 



The drive was relatively easy and uneventful, it didn’t take me long to grasp the ‘one-finger’ wave greeting to the oncoming drivers on the opposite side of the road. The landscape also started to change gradually from lush green to low salt-bush shrubs in the red desert. The sighting of emus in the bush sure made the drive more exciting. After hours of ‘I spied with my little eye’ game later, we finally arrived at Broken Hill right on time for the spectacular sunset right on top of The Living Desert and Sculptures sanctuary. I was well exhausted after the long drive, decided to have a quick meal at a local restaurant before pulling into Broken Hill Tourist Park and called it a night. 



spectacular sunset through the sculpture



We woke up relatively early the next morning as I only had half a day to explore Broken Hill before driving down south again. First stop was at The Line of Lode Miner’s Memorial on top of the hill. A beautiful iron monument perched right on top of the hill which offers a panoramic view of the Broken Hill township. Here you will also find the Biggest Park Bench that worth to climb on for a few selfies.


The Line of Lode Miner’s Memorial overlooking Broken Hill township




The big park bench at the Miner’s Memorial.

A visit to Broken Hill is not complete without dropping by at the nearby town called Silveton. Silverton is a popular tourist destination for all the right reasons. A drink at the Silverton Hotel is mandatory, this water hole has been here since 1884. And if you are game enough, why not take ‘The Test’ at the hotel? Another must do is to take a selfie with the black MadMax car parked outside of the hotel. If you are a big movie buff, there is also a MadMax Museum up the road worth checking out. But I was more interested to just wander around the town and checked out the random art sculptures dotted around. 


A selfie with the MadMax car outside Silverton Hotel will not hurt.


locals having a pint and catching up at the Silveton Hotel




Mad Max 2 Museum at Silveton


Nice mullet in the outback

Before hitting the road again, we decided to have our lunch at the famous Palace Hotel in Broken Hill. It is the place you simply have to see it with your own eyes to believe it, the mural paintings in the lobby is quite a sight to behold. It is so over the top that it was featured in the Australian film Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. And the food at the restaurant were actually quite good. 


The incredible mural paintings at the lobby of Palace Hotel



calamari spaghetti


Crispy chicken parmagiana

The quick visit of Broken Hill had been short but sweet, I definitely will come back here in future and spend more time to explore all the attractions. Next stop, Mildura. 






[This road trip is made possible by Optus. A Table For Two is travelling as an ‘Agent of Yes’]