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The restaurant is packed with lunch goers.


Queue up to order, both eat in and takeaway


Condiments at the table.


Five crab and prawn rice net spring rolls with plum sauce – $6.00


Two fried prawn cakes with vinegar and plum sauce – $6


Crispy pork, chinese broccoli & oyster sauce – $14.00


Chilli chopped-chicken, basil and fried egg – $14.00

Muum Maam, means “little glutton” in Thai. ChewTown and I met for lunch one random afternoon and these two “muum maam” sure ate to their hearts’ content at this busy Thai restaurant in Surry Hills. Located alongside with other restaurants on Holt Street, Muum Maam is the restaurant version of Clark Kent in disguise, street style lunch Tuk Shop by day and chillaxing eatery by night. We joined the nearby white collars for lunch in the restaurant with our table booked in advance. Despite we have secured our table, perused the menu, sadly there is no table service which means we still had to join the long queue to order food at the Tuk Shop counter. Good thing the food came out fast and furious, one after another within 10 minutes and our table were literally full to the brim.

We shared the starters of deep fried crab and prawn rice net spring rolls and fried prawn cakes. The spring rolls were crunchylicious if not a tad oily from deep-frying, the prawn cake were satisfyingly springy like fish ball, plum sauce on the side gave a nice sweet zing to counteract the grease. No surprise there that we also shared mains, that’s what food bloggers do best. The crispy pork, Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce was ChewTown’s favourite but she confessed today’s execution wasn’t up to par, I found myself gnawing on the fatty pork belly without counting the calories. The chilli chopped-chicken with basic and fried egg packed more a chilli heat, that’s what Thai cuisine should be. We jabbed the egg with such glee and watched the vibrant yolk flowing like lava, covered the rice and all seductively in slow motion, calling us “EAT ME”. So we did, along with the spicy chicken mince and crunchy green beans.

Not a place that I’d lingered for long as it was rather noisy. We ate, we left. Tummy, full; feeling, neutral.


Muum Maam
50 Holt Street, Surry hills
NSW 2010
PHONE: 02 9318 0881

Tukshop – open for lunch Mon-Fri (11.30am-3pm)
Muum Maam – open for dinner Mon-Sat (6pm-10.30pm)