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We simply don’t do this often enough anymore these days. They said they know what I am up to; they know what I ate last night, they also know what I wore, where I went and who I met – all are revealed just one click away on something we are all so attached to – the ‘social media‘. So one Friday afternoon, it was actually nice to unwired, swapping keyboard and mouse for a day of making real face-to-face connection with a group of open-minded, easygoing photography enthusiasts at Cook Republic HQ. It was a great day hosting a food photography workshop alongside Sneh at her beautiful home (Oh-em-gee, that kitchen!). We had a great time photoshooting, food styling and also sharing a scrumptious lunch prepared by Sneh and her friend, Petra. The day always went so fast when you had too much fun.

Here are some photos from the workshop that sums up what a beautiful day it was and where the real connection was made. I believe Sneh has just listed new workshops on her blog. So I hope you can come along to our next gathering in Spring. I am really looking forward to it.


sneh-workshop-1 sneh-workshop-2 sneh-workshop-3 sneh-workshop-4 sneh-workshop-5 sneh-workshop-6 sneh-workshop-7 sneh-workshop-8 sneh-workshop-9 sneh-workshop-10 sneh-workshop-11