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Taiwan had been on the top of my bucket list for a long, long time. I was super jealous whenever my friends came back from Taipei and talked about all the yummy and crazy street food they had there. So I was so stoked that I finally got to visit this country for the first time through a media trip recently. It was a short five and a half days trip which obviously just long enough to offer me a glimpse into the heart of this country. We spent most of our time exploring Taipei, then we also sidetracked to the mountain region of Alishan and also spent half a day in Taichung. No doubt that there was a lot of sightseeing and eating, eating and more eating! Taiwan has been a great tourist destination and I am already hooked, I can’t wait to go back for more.

Here I managed to compile a short video of what I got up to while in Taiwan including tea leaf picking in the mountains of Alishan, learning how to make pearl iced tea in Taichung, spending a very special intimate evening with a Zou tribe family, one of the indigenous groups in Taiwan. And of course, I also gorged myself through all the street food at the night markets!

I hope the video will tempt you to go and visit Taiwan real soon.

[A Table For Two travelled to Taiwan as a guest of Taiwan Tourism]