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Cruising? That’s so not me. Every time my friends came back from a cruise and told me how much they loved it, I totally rolled my eyes uninterested, “Cruising is for old people, someone is obviously suffering midlife crisis…” Well I didn’t say that out loud to their faces but that’s what I was thinking in my head anyway. I simply couldn’t think of anything worse than spending 8 days on a ship doing nothing. But that all changed recently as I happened to find myself on a Carnival Spirit and headed over to Noumea in New Caledonia.




I hate to be proven wrong but I am so embarrassed to say that – I really enjoyed it! I am actually very glad that I took up the opportunity and hopped onboard, the whole experience has definitely debunked a few myths about cruising and what not. The whole experience actually exceeded my expectations, I thought I was going to get bored doing nothing, but instead there were so much stuff and activities going on on the ship that kept me occupied most of the time until I hardly had any down time to relax with a book. The one thing I was looking forward to the most was definitely the “Green Thunder” – the steepest and fastest waterslide on a ship and it sure was a thrilling experience!


And cruise is definitely not for old people, I take that back, sorry! My bad!

Carnival Spirit has been dubbed the “FUN” ship, so the age groups on the cruise were quite diverse, there were retirees, then family with children, but there were also young couples in 20s or 30s, and groups on the ship for birthdays, hens or bucks parties and even wedding! So it was actually quite diverse and had a dynamic vibe on the cruise.

Little did you know that there was approximately 760,000 Australians took a cruise last year. So cruising is definitely the new trend these days and I can definitely see a lot more Aussies will hop on a cruise in the next few years as the fares are also getting a lot more attractive recently.

Oh, did I mention all the food you can have on the ship? FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD!






If you want to find out more about Carnival Spirit and the cruise to Noumea, please head over to Expedia Travel for my full article – A foodie aboard the Carnival Spirit.

And what else did we do on the cruise? Oh yes, I made a video! Enjoy!


[A Table For Two and company cruised on Carnival Spirit as guests of Carnival Cruise Lines]