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Where to start? My head is still buzzing from all the excitement and still hasn’t sunk in that I just launched my second cookbook, Man Food. Everything is still a little surreal, so we’ve just launched the cookbook last couple of weeks in Melbourne followed by Sydney; friends came to the launches and bought the books then asked me to sign the books for them. So I signed them, I even drew happy bacons in them! It is all a little crazy.

This book will not be possible without all the help and support from everyone around me. Yes, including friends who kept asking me when I was going to finish the cookbook and when the book coming out; you guys pushed me across the deadline to get the book done just by asking that simple questions.

There are so many people I would like to thank, especially those who made both launches possible and a success if I do say so myself. For the Melbourne launch, I would like to thank Duy and Andy from Ba’get for their support and let me used their new store for the launch. Also thank you for all the delicious Banh Mi and the vermicelli noodle, I think no one went home hungry that night. I also would like to thank my major wine sponsor, Wyndham Estate, for their generosity and kept us hydrated all night with some fine drops. Not to mention they even volunteered and designed a bookmark to go with the cookbook. What a champion! James Squire also kindly sponsored a few cartons of beer at the last minute to go with our man food that night, it went down like a treat. Lastly, thank you to all my friends who came to the launch, especially those I haven’t seen for years! It was so great to catch up again. And also thanks to the food bloggers, I felt like I’ve already known most of you guys for years through instagram! It was a great night!

For the Sydney launch, I kept it a real small party just amongst close friends. I cannot thank Lucky Tsotsi Shebeen & Bar at Darlinghurst enough for being super kind to host the launch for us. We took over the whole floor upstairs and being spoilt with delicious South African cuisine, wings, ribs, Bunny Chow, you name it. I would also like to thank my other half, The Pom, who secretly ordered a cake that looked just like a book itself for the launch! So sneaky! The cake made by Jules from The Sweetest Things was simply gorgeous, it was lychee flavour inside, so delicious! And big thank you to all my friends who came to the launch and bought all the cookbooks! It truly meant a lot to me with your support.

And thank you all for your kind words on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on this blog, I do hope we will cross path one day and share a few food adventures in the future. If you have already got a copy of Man Food, I hope you are enjoying reading it and cooking up a storm! Hopefully I will get to organise a few more publicity events so I can meet you all and have the books signed.

As for those who asked me where they can buy the book, you should be able to find them at ABC stores and Big W. I myself haven’t seen it on the shelves at Dymocks yet but I can see it is available on their website, so hopefully they will put it out real soon as many people already aiming to grab a copy for Father’s Day.