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This is possibly the fastest post I’ve ever done!

Friday, watched the first part of Eurovision song contest semi-final, then decided to bake a cake. But I still didn’t know who I am going to cheer for yet until I watch the second part on Saturday. I baked the cake yesterday, and then watched the second semi-final last night. Then I have made up my mind last night which country I am going to cheer for (pretty obvious anyway..).

So today, I decorated the cake while filming the whole process. Immediately transferred to computer and edited the video then uploaded to Vimeo. So now I have a cake, ready for the Final tonight. And that’s right, I am going to cheer for Conchita Wurst! It is a fruit cake (no pun intended!), it is neopolitan cake with mixed fruit inside, then covered in rose water butter cream and built the Austria flag using watermelon and lychees.

By the way, I won’t bother with recipe, the video is self explanatory anyway. And is a last minute baking, so not like you going to make a diamond-shape cake in the Austrian flag anyway. But enjoy!


Fierce! Yep. the beard is real!