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This weekend is the only weekend you can forget about your paleo, your “quit sugar” diet and your glass of kale juice; because is EASTER! Easter can only mean one thing – CHOCOLATE! But not just any chocolate, since you are going to let yourself go a little (or a lot) with this sinful indulgence anyway, you may as well eat the best chocolate you could find. Luckily I found myself some amazing Easter chocolate from the Bon Bon fine chocolate store in Strand Arcade.

Speaking of Strand Arcade, I love that place. I always feel like I have been transported to another era every time I walk through the long arcade. I always imagining Don Draper will walk out of the hat shop one day. Mind you, the Strand Arcade was established way earlier than the 1950s-60s; built in 1891 to be exact. If I have to describe Strand Arcade in one word, then I would say is “personal”. It is that personal experience that you will never be able to find elsewhere, definitely not in a shopping mall.

The iconic Strand Arcade has just launched their second instalment of the We Are The Maker’s film and photographic series shot by the illustrious Hugh Stewart. The series offers candid insights into the masterful skills and intriguing personas of the Strand Arcade community, and also delves into the crafts of Australian fashion favourite Dion Lee, jeweller Victoria Buckley, Hunt Leather, Coffee Alchemy and of course Bon Bon fine chocolate.

Next time when you are in Strand Arcade, whether is the handmade leather wallet you are going to buy, that freshly brewed coffee you are about to enjoy; that dress you’re going to wear down red carpet or that engagement ring you are going to surprise your childhood sweetheart with; you can be sure for one thing – it will be one of a kind, it is unique and it is personal.

Here is the video about Bon Bon fine chocolate and the maker, Andrew Yiasemides, who talks about what makes their chocolate so special.

Also make sure to check out the other videos and find out more about the other makers in Strand Arcade.




Yiasemides applied for a position at that first Bon Bon fine chocolate store in Double Bay, rose to the title of manager in 1998 and took over the business a few short years after. In keeping with the boutique’s original vision – enriching daily life with fine, imported and handmade European chocolates – Yiasemides decided to open a second store in the QVB in 1999 and then in the Strand Arcade in 2011. “We want to be somewhere where it’s specialised, because we are specialised,” he says fervently of the expansion. “One of the things that makes great chocolate is the quality of the ingredients. Our customers come here because they know that quality is there; it’s always fresh when we bring it to the store.”

Here is a little interview with Yiasemides to find out more about his passion for chocolate (and nougat):

1. What is your favourite childhood memory of Bon Bon fine chocolate?
I was over 20 years of age when I accidently walked past Bon Bon which was then located in Cross St Arcade in Double bay.

The presentation was amazing and I’d never seen chocolate presented in that way before. I started to order some chocolates to take to my wife who was shopping with a friend on that day. I said to the shop assistant, could I please have two of these, one of these and three of these chocolates…The assistant responded by saying the last of my choices were more than $2.70 each. Well that was back in 1985 and that was a lot of money! I went ahead and bought them anyway. That’s when I was hooked.

2. What makes Bon Bon fine chocolate so special?
Two things: ingredients and freshness.

3. What do you love about the Strand Arcade and how does Bon Bon fine chocolate store fit in?
My vision for Bon Bon is a hands on family business with history and tradition. Strand Arcade offers the right elements that Bon Bon seeks to convey to its customers.



4. Tell us more about Nougat Limar.
As a child mum would bring home the famous Callard and Bowser Nougat. They were finger size pieces wrapped in wafer paper/ rice paper. It was soft not too chewy, that’s when my love of nougat began. In around 2002 I began experimenting and after many months of disasters I started to understand how ingredients behave when combined. Months later I came up with the recipe which is what it is today.

5. Easter is all about indulging on anything sweet, what will be your guilty pleasure this long Easter weekend?
Man that’s a hard one!… As an adorned lover of fine confectionery I just don’t know where to start/stop. I guess my ultimate favourite would be Nougat eggs.



If you haven’t got any chocolates for this Easter, I urge you to rush out to Bon Bon fine chocolate store in Strand Arcade right now and get yourself some of their Easter season selections. And who knows, you might be one of the 20 lucky winners who found the hidden Easter chocolates (in the Easter selections only) and be rewarded with a 15-piece fine chocolate selection! So don’t miss out and join the Easter hunt!

I am not sure about you, I know what I am having this Easter long weekend!

Bon Bon fine chocolate (Strand Arcade store)
412-414 George street,
Shop 33, Strand Arcade (corner of Pitt street),
Sydney 2000Opening hours:
Monday-Wednesday, Friday 8am till 7pm
Thursday 8am till 9pm
Saturday 9:30am till 7pm
Sunday 9:30am till 6pm
Phone: (02) 9232 2992

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