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It’s summer time!

Summer is all about sun, beach, BBQ and a big jug of refreshing cocktail drinks to me. This time of year I usually will pull out my stash of liqueur from the cabinet and try to use them all up. Well not use them all up, but finishing up those with only one or two inches of liqueur left in the bottles; it is the best time to empty them, chuck them and make space for new bottles that you just brought back from the duty free shop at the airport.



It is perfect timing that I have just received a whole stash of these super cute bottles of CAPI drinks the other day, and I’m sure I will be concocting a few cocktails to beat the heat this summer. And if you are like me a food photography props hogger, then I am sure you will love these CAPI drink bottles; definitely will keep some of them and use it in my photoshoot or as a vase.

There are a few flavours that I love, the ginger ale and grapefruit are delicious, but I am always happy to have a stash of Tonic water at home so I can make Gin & Tonic whenever I want. So, I thought I will come up with four different concoctions by using the CAPI drinks to share with everyone – something summery, something Christmassy.

Oh, and don’t forget, CAPI are currently giving you the chance to win a trip to Sicily, all you have to do is vote for your favourite summer drink. And you can also follow them on Instagram and tag @capisparkling and #mixingwithcapi for a better chance of winning. Sicily has always been one of my dream places, I am sooooo going to enter this competition!


Asian flavours inspired, the first drink I concocted will bring you to the happy hour in Thailand, I name it The CAPI-tan. I used the CAPI ginger ale to mix with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, infused with mint leaves and a lemongrass stalk. If you can’t find the Jack’s honey, you can always mix up some honey water and add to the drink for sweetness. Ginger, honey, lemongrass, mint, almost as good to cure a sore throat!



I only recently found my love for G&T. A lot of people hate gin, but I found if you have a good bottle of gin distilled from a bunch of herbaceous bouquet, gin can be quite sophisticated and complex with depths of flavours. You can’t go wrong with Hendrick’s gin, and the only way to make a Gin & Tonic with it is by infusing with cucumber. Keep it simple, CAPI tonic, Hendrick’s Gin, cucumber, ice, voila!

capi-gin-tonic  capi-gin-tonic-2


There is something about cocktail served in jug, maybe is because the free pouring. I wanted to try the CAPI blood orange but didn’t get any (sad face), hence grapefruit is just as nice. Some say grapefruit helps you lose weight, this drink must be good for you right? HA! Another simple concoction, CAPI grapefruit soda, the bitter orange of Grand Marnier (love this stuff!), add some thin slices of grapefruit; here you have the Summer Breeze.




It’s Christmas time, you got to have a Christmassy drink! My Capi Xmas is a fun mix of CAPI lemonade, vodka (any will do), bruised mint leaves for that refreshing tingling sensation, then with the occasional tangy burst of pomegranate seeds, and a festive minty Candy Cane as a drink stirrer. What not to love? Kids will love this one, well just minus the vodka!





No more boring drinks this summer! Just add ice, enjoy!


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