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It has been a little snapping crazy here at ATFT HQ. Funny how suddenly all photoshoot projects are happening at once and finding time to update the blog is almost impossible. Currently I am shooting two cookbooks back to back and having a stressful but fun time. But I am sure once the storm has passed, I should have some free time to breathe again and wind down a little bit before the next storm hits.

I am actually very much looking forward to some down time this weekend as I have been invited to join the Ultimate Instameet in Hamilton Island. I believe when you instagram enough of your baby, dog, flower, sunset and not to mention your breakfast, lunch and dinner, then I am sure someone will notice and actually invite you to paradise and sip cocktail. It is quite daunting to see the other instagrammers who got invited to this event have over 125,000 followers… and then me… a modest 3000 plus. I guess I will just have to be that token asian who takes photo of food this whole weekend.

On another news, I now have a little “food section” in the Home & Decor magazine Malaysia, where I will share a couple of my favourite Malaysian recipes for six issues. In this current May issue,  it is all about using dry Chinese ingredients in cooking, for eg ikan bilis (anchovies), lap cheong (Chinese sausage), dried shiitake mushroom, goji berries (wolfberries), dried chillies and a lot more. And I simply have to share two of my favourite Malaysian dishes, the Chilli Pan Mee and the Lor Mai Kai (glutinous chicken rice). If you want the recipe, make sure to go and grab a copy of the magazine, there is also an i-mag version available on ipad that you can download.

In the mean time, for those who are interested in my Food Photography Workshops, please make sure to visit this page and register. I foresee we are getting very close to run a workshop in Perth real soon! Looking forward to be the other side of Australia!

Until then, I shall check in with you all from the sunshine Hamilton Island, in my swimmers, with a snorkels, and hopefully sneak in a few cocktails in between. Please do follow my instagram if you want to know all the mischiefs I will be getting up to in Hamilton Island.