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John Marshall of FRUGII

Very exciting to announce that I am going to have a new feature on A Table For Two called ‘Profile’ – where I will talk to people who are working with food, or simply passionate about food. No matter whether is a chef, farmer, butcher, food photographer, food blogger or simply a home cook, they all have their own stories to tell.

So let me introduce our first profile – John Marshall, but Canberrans simply known him as Mr Frugii. Whilst John is still working full time for the government in the IT sector at the capital city of Australia, he still manage to find time to experiment and churn up the extraordinary gelato flavours in his underground laboratory at home. John has already made over hundreds of flavours combination in his ice cream, I’ve personally tried blue cheese, cloves, peanut butter and bacon, just to name a few quirky ones. Laksa flavour also made it into the ‘what the?’ gelato flavour list, and then there is also roast potato by request.

“Roast potato, possibly the weirdest flavour I’ve ever done for a wedding”, John claimed.

However, in my opinion, the humble chocolate gelato is the king of kings. There are simply no shortcuts when comes to making the the gelato and John goes all the way back to the roots for perfection. Cocoa beans are sourced from USA and arrived at his doorsteps still intact in pods, then through a long process of drying, roasting and grinding, eventually the cocoa nibs are a river of lusciously smooth chocolate ready to be churned into gelato. Without artificial food colouring, the chocolate gelato may look a little pale and not as rich, but the decadence chocolate flavour remains in its purest form.

If you want to taste John’s creation, then look out for the Frugii stall at Capital Regional Farmers Markets every Saturday and the Old Bus Depot Markets every Sunday. In this case, Canberra – 1, the rest of Australia – 0.

And here is a little video from my recent visit to Canberra and had a chat with John Marshall, Mr Frugii himself.

You can find Frugii at:
Capital Regional Farmers Markets – every Saturday
Old Bus Depot Markets – every Sunday