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Happy Easter Everyone!

After months of planning and organising, our food photography masterclass in Daylesford has finally come and gone. Let’s just say that we had an absolute ball over four days – wining, dining, photo shooting and eight of us went terrorising the locals in Daylesford with our DSLR cameras wherever we went! I’d have to say that the masterclass was a success and went without a hitch.

This is also the first time I worked with photographer Ewen Bell and needless to say, it makes life so much easier when working with a talented photographer like him who always willing to help and giving advice to the students. Even though I meant to teach food photographing and styling during the masterclass, I actually ended up spending more time in the kitchen cooking up a storm for the group rather than teaching. However, to see everyone had such great time in Daylesford, it really pays off with all the effort I’ve put in organising the masterclass.

There are a few things I loved about this masterclass – we were happy to keep the group size small with only six students who stayed in one massive farm house with plenty of space and privacy. We turned the whole place into a photo studio with three different set ups for the students to practise styling and shooting.

Another reason why I have chosen Daylesford to run our masterclass is because I want the students to learn where food come from, before it is beautifully presented on a plate. I have organised farm visits for the group and am so glad that they absolutely loved the whole experience, talking to farmers and learning about their produce. And of course I could not thank Stuart and Tammi from Jonai Farms, Chris and Wayne from Birch Estate enough for being so accommodating and helpful, to let our photography group into your farms and your homes.

Since everyone had such great time at Daylesford, we can’t wait to run our next food photography masterclass again in 2014. Even though Ewen probably already had the next location in mind, but I would like to know –

Where do you think we should have our next Food Photography Masterclass?

In the mean time, and if you can’t wait that long or the four days intensive masterclass is a little bit out of your budget, then you can always looking into registering my regular food photography workshops that I will be hosting in different states.


On another news, A Table For Two has been Servved!

A Table For Two is my baby, full stop. If you have followed my blog long enough then you would have noticed that I don’t do things half-hearted. I like to see myself as a perfectionist AKA control freak, I do spend a lot of time (too much time!) writing, photographing, video-graphing to create interesting and engaging contents for this blog. Rome definitely wasn’t built in a day, neither is A Table For Two.

So, to be part of Servved is a leap of faith I am willing to take.

When Daniel Kjellsson from Sydney Stockholm approached me and trying to talk me into joining the Servved team, I was thinking, “Man, who is this man with goldilocks and sexy Swedish accent trying to seduce?”  I simply asked back who else was part of the team and his answer was, “No one, you are the first one.” I smell danger. But at the same time, it was a privilege as the first person to be asked to join the team.

The blogging world has definitely changed in the last couple of years – pink wallpaper stripped down, rainbow no more shining and unicorn died, even the ninja has vanished. They don’t build them like they used to anymore. Those who keep on blogging are also now looking for the meaning of Life of Pie, whilst some are taking shortcuts and go microblogging on food sites, and then a very few are still keeping this “old tradition” alive. If I have to join Servved, I just want to make sure I am working with a team of passionate food bloggers who are just as crazy as I am – blogging at 2am. When I suggested a few bloggers to Daniel who I think would fit in the group, I was very glad that most of them were as excited (and also skeptical) as I am about this whole new endeavour.

So here we are, toast to the new Servved team – Christina from The Hungry Australian, Cynthia from The Food Pornographer, Peter G from Souvlaki For The Soul and my humble A Table For Two.


Guess the goldilocks and the sexy Swedish accent did work after all…


So what’s next? Apart from the new design, new look, new big mofo banner ad on top (Hey, I have bills to pay too okay?), A Table For Two will continue to thrive, hopefully getting to work closely with food bloggers, producers, farmers, chefs, restaurateurs to bring you new ideas, new stories and new contents.

If any food bloggers out there would like to collaborate, please do email me or leave a comment below. I am always up for new ideas.

*Cue the Oscar background music* 

Okay, okay… Last but not least, Happy Good Friday, Happy Easter and maybe your long weekend fills with chocolaty bits.