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When I wrote my first post back in 2008, I never thought that this blog would have lasted this long and surprisingly I am still slowly chipping away now and again four and a half years later. I have to say this blog has definitely changed my life and career one way or the other, for better and also for the worse… (hello backlog and sleep deprivation!) But so long I know there is someone out there who is still reading it, and leaving comments now and again, then A Table For Two is here to stay, hopefully for another four and a half years eh?

And to move forward, A Table For Two is changing.

In the next couple of days, you will see a few changes at A Table For Two – a new facelift, a new approach and a new direction. I have to say I am pretty excited about the new direction where A Table For Two is heading and very much looking forward to working closely with a bunch of talented food bloggers across the country.

In the mean time, please bare with us if you ever notice any errors or hiccups whilst we migrating the blog to a new server hopefully tomorrow. Until then, let the countdown begin!