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Beat hunger, one fork at a time.

One of my new year resolutions is to get involved in charity events whenever I possibly could, whether is making a donation or actually helping out physically. And in the whole month of March, I will be actively involved in Givva Fork campaign, an innovative campaign by a not-for-profit organisation called Major Raiser, to raise fund for school feeding programme in Laos. When founder Dom Greenwood from Major Raiser contacted me and invited me to become one of the campaign ambassadors, I was all sceptical and thought to myself, “Who are you?”, “Is this a scam?”, and more importantly, “Do I Givva Fork?” (pun intended) Well, obviously I do.

But let me put it out there now – I DO NOT GET PAID TO DO THIS. Some people do think that because I am so heavily pushing a charity event and been asked to be their mascot, surely I get paid with a big fat check to get involved. Then, you are wrong. I do this because I feel right and I don’t get paid a single cent.

So why am I doing this? I’ve been to Laos and Cambodia back in 2009 and have witnessed the poverty in these countries where children were begging for food on the streets, and land mine victims simply can’t work and had to rely on food donations to survive. By simply spending a day with the land mine victims in Cambodia cooking and handing out food to those who were in needs has definitely changed my perspective towards humanity. That’s why I am so honoured to be asked as a Givva Forker and able to help to put some food on the plate for these children.

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The 2013 Givva Fork campaign is focusing on helping school children in Laos through United Nation’s World Food Programme (WFP). Major Raiser is very clear on how the money raised are spent, 90% of the fund will go straight to provide school meals for the children where 10% will be reinvested for future charity events.

Throughout March 21013, Major Raiser will partner with 15 Sydney restaurants including Olio, Orto trading co, Not bread alone, The Dip, Mad Pizza, One Six Nine cafe and Ham, to raise money for WFP’s school meals programme in Laos through the sale of Givva Forks and Forkage. So how does it work?

Givva Forks
An orange Givva Fork can be purchased from the restaurant partners for only $6, it is a small donation but your generosity can actually provide a child with school lunch for a month!

Instead of paying corkage, now you are invited to pay a little extra for forkage when you settle your bill and for every dollar raised for WFP, four school meals will be provided to a child in laos.


Also, we will soon announcing a list of exciting events throughout March to help raising funds for this campaign. Secret dinners, food bloggers outings, dating nights (Major Raiser’s founder Dom Greenwood (pic above) will be one of the eligible candidates of this event, ladies you do not want to miss out!) and also the Givva Fork final dance party. Wine, dine and party for a good cause, do you givva fork?

Note: follow me on instagram (atablefortwo) and twitter as I will also set myself a challenge to Givva Fork each day throughout March. If you decided to join in the fun, please do use hashtag #igivvafork and share!