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Is there anything more satisfying than watching the ridiculously orangey yolk oozes out in slow mo? I think not. And the one I had at Kitchen by Mike recently was sheer perfection, it sure had me weak on my knees, but so as the price tag. And that was just one of the many wonderful things we’ve had at one brunch afternoon.


Mike is no stranger in Sydney food scene, former executive chef at Rockpool, Mike McEnearney swapped his crease free chef’s white for the heavy denim and leather apron that makes him look like wearing an overall, he is now the brainchild behind the kitchen at Koskela design showroom in Rosebery.


Among all the car repairs and warehouses in Rosebery lies a giant warehouse space where designer Australian-made furniture and food blend into one unique and daring concept that can easily turn into disaster from the business point of view. But at Koskela, it is a welcoming and innovative space where a casual quick browse can turn into an uncontrollable desire that you simply want to have every single piece of furniture in the showroom. But then, they don’t come cheap.


Kitchen by Mike is naturally blended into the Koskela’s “locally owned & made” philosophy; the menu changes daily depending on what local seasonal produce he could find at the markets every morning. There are no table service, all orders are made at the counter and the only menu is on the chalkboard above kitchen. Or better still, check their facebook page for the daily menu before heading down.

There are three dining areas to choose from, indoor offers a casual communal dining experience, the front verandah has bar stools or low chairs with knee high cable-spools turned tables.


But it gets a big tick from us as we are able to bring our pooch Amelie along and sit at the shaded outdoor mini garden.


Daily menu asides, freshly baked breads and pastries adorn the front glass display that you simply can’t resist to order a couple as pre-meal snack. The almond croissant looks like is on the verge of over-baked with its dark brown hue, it actually taste better than its look; sweet almond meal filling wrapped inside buttery croissant pastry with almond slivers on top that gives it a nice toasty nuttiness.



The pain au chocolate is one of those pastries that you just wish there is a little bit more of chocolate hidden within that layer upon layer of soft croissant pastry.


When most of the food here are freshly made and baked in house, they tend to come with a hefty price tag. AT $9.00 a pop, The Pom is happy with his crunchy toasted muesli which has a great mix of macadamia, oat, pistachio, raisins, pepitas (pumpkin seeeds), pecans and more, served with two dollops of fresh yoghurt, presumably made in house, all casually plated in a repro chipped enamel plate.

I opt for the glazed kurobuta leg ham with poached egg on a slice of Mike’s rustic sourdough. Despite the ham from a kurobuta Berkshire pig has more flavour and tender, the poached egg is perfectly cooked with runny yolk, the sourdough with a nice crust and soft crumb, it still hurts a bit to pay $15 for half a sandwich.


From a previous visit, and only on weekends, the sourdough pancakes with lemon curd is possibly my favourite dish here at Kitchen by Mike. Three layers of fluffy sourdough pancakes are dusted with icing sugar and topped with a dollop of tangy lemon curd that is so thick, they even able to quenelle it.


And does the cover of my cookbook, Have You Eaten? looks familiar to you? That’s right, it was shot right outside of Kitchen by Mike. 🙂

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Kitchen by Mike
85 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery, Sydney
Tel: +61 (02) 9045 0910

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday 7am-6pm
Sunday 8am-5pm


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