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 …and cook along with me!

First of all, sorry that this blog has been in hiatus for over a month. Oops! I am sure most or some of you who follows my instagram (if you haven’t, you should!) and twitter would have known that I was away in Malaysia for my culinary tour followed by a three weeks vacation in America. I actually planned to write a few posts while I was on holiday and had all the drafts ready, but obviously I was being ambitious. I spent most of the time either sightseeing, dining or… driving – It was one hell of a long drive from Vegas all the way to Chicago let me tell ya! So blogging was possibly the last thing on my mind.

Anyhoo, if you are wondering about how the Malaysia culinary tour went,  one word – FANTASTIC! I didn’t know what to expect as it was first time for me to organise a food tour but I am so glad that we, a group of food lovers had such a fun time in Malaysia, cooking and eating most the time. I definitely will run more food tours in 2013, so keep an eye out!

Now, back to the topic, the picture above was a dessert I’ve created for the Ocean Spray’s recipe book a few months back. It was a little fun project that involves many great food bloggers in Australia including The hungry AustralianSugarlaceGastronomy Gal and the like. We were assigned to come up with a couple of recipes and I simply couldn’t go past creating a dessert, hence I give you grapefruit sorbet, white chocolate mousse brandy snap & champagne jelly. Hmm, I can see this grapefruit sorbet will go down well in this summer heat.

Do you want this recipe plus all other delicious creations by other food bloggers? You can simply download from the Ocean Spray websiteBut the best part is, we might get to cook along together! Ocean Spray will be hosting a cooking masterclass in 2013 (date pending) where a few lucky winners will join me on a hands-on cooking class, plus flights included! How good is that? But there will be limited spots, so you seriously do no want to miss out this fun opportunity.

All you have to do is download the recipe to enter the competition, simple as that!

Competition closes 30th December 2012.