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Tempering temperament.

I made this cake a few months back for a friend’s daughter’s 18th birthday. It was a challenge not only to construct the cake, but also to temper the white chocolate was a whole new ball game. I’ve tried tempering chocolate numerous times without any success. Like any home cooks, we all like the idea of playing with chocolate, start buying cheap chocolate from local supermarket and then try to temper a small amount of the chocolate and see whether it will work. Forget about it! It is not going to work!

I am no expert but a few key factors that I’ve learned about tempering chocolate successfully,

  1. You need good quality chocolate with high cocoa butter content, at least 28%.
  2. Some says you need at least 1 pound (450g) or 680 grams to temper chocolate successfully. In another words, you need a lot of chocolate and is not going to be cheap!
  3. Different types of chocolate has different melting and tempered temperature. For dark chocolate, melting point is 46-48C, milk chocolate 40-45C and white chocolate (the most difficult chocolate to work with) is 37-43C. And then the temperature needs to be dropped to 31C for dark chocolate and 29-30C for milk and 26-27 for white chocolate. But again, I’ve seen so many different temperature guidelines from different resources, but white chocolate is definitely more temperamental.
For the last few days, I’ve been working with white chocolate, A LOT! After tempering over 5 kilos of white chocolate (I used Callebaut) for the Halloween Dessert Dego Dinner Party this Friday, I think I finally got the hang of it. I can’t say I am 100% confident, at least the chocolate I tempered is solid enough, snapped nicely, even though without the sheen because I had to set them in the fridge for fast turnover when I had to make 70 moulds. But I am pretty happy with the result and whoever comes to the dinner party will get to taste them tomorrow night!
If you think you have the money, patience and love a good challenge, then perhaps you would like to give this white chocolate mousse and raspberry gateau a try. I followed the recipe on the SBS website to a tee and worked beautifully.
For Recipe - please go to SBS FOOD website