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Hooroo Daylesford!

Our weekend in Daylesford came and gone. We explored, we played, we rejuvenated, we devoured and we absolutely loved every second of our time in Daylesford. Our visit wasn’t all fun and relaxation, we were actually on a mission. I was assigned by Qantas to be one of the ambassadors for its new social media travel site Hooroo and the mission is to create my ideal 24-hour itinerary in the destination that I was assigned to and Daylesford I went.

It was actually my first time visiting Daylesford and I was surprised that there are so many things you can do, see and eat in this part of town and 24 hours was simply not enough! I merely scratched the surface of this beautiful countryside and now I am looking forward to go back for more!

The only set back in Daylesford while we were there was the miserable weather, it was constantly raining at a freezing 6 degree Celsius and down to 3 degree Celsius at night. As a result, I am now coughing, sneezing with a nasty flu and feeling sorry for myself. Anyway, I will write about my Daylesford trip when I feeling a little better. But for now, I will keep it a photo post with a small portion of the photos taken from the weekend.

Trust me, Daylesford is truly a magical winter hinterland!


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 [A Table For Two and guest visited Daylesford as the Ambassador of Hooroo]