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Awesome cafes in Perth continues…

This time, under local Perth-ians’ recommendations, Pete and I decide to skip the buffet breakfast in the hotel and walk all the way to East Perth for TOAST, and of course we found this cute cafe serves more than just that. But first, we have to locate the cafe.

For outsiders like us two, locating this cafe can be bit tricky. We rely on the map on the iphone to direct us there, but somehow it points us to another cafe in the area instead. The darkened sky and threatened rain just made the hunt lot more frustrating. We have to ask the other cafe for help and they are kind enough to give us direction where it is, we follow a fleet of stairs to the waterfront, and bingo! Toast is just tucked away on the ground floor in an apartment block. But by then, both of us are already drenched, cursing the food and coffee here better be good to make the trip worthwhile.

What I love about this cafe is the decor, old mismatched tables and vinyl dining chairs, coffee served in retro 70s dip-glazed cups, vintage water carafe, chalkboards, I totally forgot that the cafe is actually housed right underneath a modern apartment building.

The breakfast menu is two pages long, from normal toasts, to fancy toasts, and seems like crepe is also one of their specialties. If you still cant decide on the normal menu, then there is Specials of the Day scribbled on the chalkboard to make your life even more indecisive.

The Specials menu is too inviting to ignore. Peter moans on every mouthful with his Freo smoked sardines on wholegrain toast is a cracker. The sardines are smokey but not overpowering, the toasts perhaps can be a little bit thicker, but happily soaking the runny yolks from the perfectly poached eggs.

Cute ordering number system, with flower inside recycled liquor bottles.

It is unusual for me to go for vegetarian option, but I do like the sound of polenta toast, or cake whatever you want to call it. The grilled polenta toast here is good, light and soft with a nice crispy skin, a layer of soft melted cheese adds richness and that naughty touch for brekky, covered with simple grilled mushroom makes the dish so comforting.

Stacks of colorful plastic cups, self serving for water.

Another dish from the Specials menu. The crab and dill omelette is probably our least favourite. The intentions were there, but sadly the dish doesn’t deliver. The omelette is rather flat and cooked all the way through rather than with the soft centre that I am used to, served with two slices of toast which makes me looking for some greens to balance out with the dryness of toasts and omelette. A side salad would help in my opinion.

Nevertheless, there are generous amount of crab meat inside the omelette, but I was expecting the provoletta cheese will be hot and stretchy, sadly it isn’t.

Oh, did I mention the coffee is pretty darn good here too? While husband is the chef in the kitchen, the wife is the barista busy churning out coffees non stop when we were there. I’ve seen good reviews on their crepes, will be back and order them if I am back in Perth again.

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Shop 21 / 60 Royal St
East Perth WA 6004
Telephone: (08) 9221 0771
Open 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week (kitchen closes at 5pm)
Public holidays open 8am to 6pm

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