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Flying Roti, Hidden Talent.

Today I thought I will blog about something different, let’s see… how about Malaysian restaurant?

If Malaysian restaurants keep popping up in Sydney at this rate, I think I will need to have a dedicated Malaysian restaurant post every Friday. Not that this is a bad thing or anything, I do embrace them all and also means I don’t have to wait until my next visit to Malaysia to have my fix anymore. Having said that, hunting down the Best of the Best, the “One Roti To Rules Them All” is still a quest. This time, me and the GoldenBoys from Gold Coast are heading towards Chinatown and Malaysian food is calling. We are tossing between Mamak, Nonya and More More Cha as they are all only a few meters away from each other, particularly two of them are literally on top of each other on Dixon Street.

We are having a very late lunch, sadly Mamak is already shut and scrubbed, ready to reopen for dinner session. We walk down towards Dixon Street hoping the other two will stay open. As we approach the corner where former Mandarin Club used to be, Nonya signage is the first one we spotted and walk straight into the restaurant on ground level. But only then we realised we’ve actually just walked into the opposite restaurant at More More Cha, Nonya is actually upstairs. It doesn’t really bother us that much since we can either dine at this Malaysian restaurant, or that Malaysian restaurant upstairs.

We put our bags down and grab a seat outdoors which is a lot more spacious comparing to the seating inside the restaurant. Wait staffs are super friendly and menu is immediately handled over, eagerly waiting for orders. As we are perusing the menu, all the eyes around us suddenly looking at our direction, I turn around and there is a man in blue chef’s uniform, spinning and twirling a piece of roti, tossing it into mid air and catching it without a hitch.

This talented man is the chef at More More Cha originally from Melaka, his impressive roti tossing skills won him the title of Roti King at the “Roti tossing competitions” in Kuala Lumpur, three years in a row (1996-1999). We watch him spinning from one roti, then to two in each hand, it is absolutely mind blowing. Despite the roti never drops and falls on the ground, I am sure the ‘5 seconds rule’ need not apply here.

Drink menu has a good selection of Malaysian beverages. The ice limau tea is perfect to beat the summer heat, whereas my teh tarik ice is a little weak in flavour.

We simply have to order the roti canai here to see how it fares after watching Roti King’s impressive performance. The roti arrives in a traditional metal round tray, served with three dipping sauces of ikan bilis jam, curry sauce and Indian lentil dahl. The roti is pan fried to a golden crisp then scrunched up to create a tissue-lightness between layers. I do find the roti is a little dense especially the edges that haven’t been stretched thin enough, folded back inwards resulted a big doughy clump. The curry sauce is my favourite, hot and spicy; the dahl is a friendly mild curry and the ikan bilis jam is probably the weakest link, it is a little odd that I find it sweet.

The ayam berempah gets the thumbs up from the Goldenboys, different cuts of chicken pieces are marinated in aromatic spices then deep fried to dark brown. The chicken is actually quite tender and full of flavours, I am actually more concerning about the dipping sauce that looks rather gloppy in texture.

The Goldenboys have recently made pandan chicken at home and simply have to order them so that they can compare them. Sadly, the two small parcels of pandan chicken here are hugely disappointing, cubes of chicken meat wrapped in the pandan leaves are bone dry from the deep-frying and lacklustre in flavour. It is that same chilli sauce again!

My experience with oyster omelette outside Malaysia hasn’t been great, so I have very little expectation of the one here at More More Cha. The omelette pancake is firm and not as airy and fluffy, studded sparingly with little oysters which have very little flavour close to flavourless, I feel like chewing rubber band. The omelette is served with sweet chilli dipping sauce, from a bottle I suspect, which is not getting any better.

We are here for a light late lunch and have no intentions to order any desserts. So we are a little surprise when the waitress brings out a complimentary dessert, and another, then another! We have to stop her bringing out more as we seriously can’t fit more in.

The pandan sago is my favourite among the three desserts brought out for us to try. The little green sago pearls are infused with the sweet essence of pandan, doused in rich coconut milk and dark gula melaka syrup always makes me happy. But I do find the ice cubes in the desserts a little odd and not really sure the purpose of them.

Durian pannacotta is a first for me, the pannacotta itself is creamy and smooth, we can’t really detect any durian scent on the dessert until we taste it. The durian flavour is there but not strong enough to punch you in the face, one of the Goldenboys adores it.

The ice kacang here is probably one of the most generous with toppings I’ve tasted in Sydney. Under the cone of powdery shaved ice is packed with all sorts of different toppings including attap chee (nipa palm seeds), creamed corn, grass jelly, jackfruit, red beans, toasted peanuts just to name a few. I am pleased to see the ice kacang is heavily soaked in gula melaka, rose syrup and evaporated milk. We chip the ice and scoop up the melted sweet juice, ice kacang always brings me joy.

If you wonder where the name More More Cha came from, it is actually based on the name of the holiday inn in a Hong Kong movie titled Summer Holiday, filmed on Redang Island in Malaysia.


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More More Cha
1 Dixon Street,
Darling Harbour
NSW 2000
P: (02) 9264 4780

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday : 11:30 - 22:30 (close 15:00 - 17:30)
Friday & Saturday : 11:30 - late

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